TNK Travel Group Announces the Establishment of Windows DMC

TNK Travel Group with 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry officially launched a daughter company – Windows DMC, the destination management company of the three Indochinese countries – Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. This is recognized as an important milestone in the development of TNK Travel Group in terms of B2B market.

Windows DMC – a DMC from TNK Travel Group

Windows DMC was initially grown and nurtured as the DMC division of TNK Travel – the top inbound tour operator of Vietnam. Afterwards, Windows DMC was separated from the group and now becomes a completely separate entity. It’s possible to state that establishing this entity has marked a new step in the TNK Travel Group’s growth about providing its partners with products and services in Vietnam, Lao, and Cambodia.

“The birth of Windows DMC represents a major turning point for TNK Travel Group, for which our business has grown faster and faster. Windows DMC promises to become one of the leading destination management companies of Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general,” Mr. Quang Nguyen – the CEO of Windows DMC said.

The existing business of Windows DMC is to provide our partners with products and services in Indochina, and our future intention is to expand our business to Southeast Asia.

TNK Travel Group

TNK Travel Group is a reputable trade name in Vietnam, with 20 years’ experience, and has built a diverse system of products and services in the hospitality industry. Currently, the sectors the group has been focused on are inbound travel, outbound travel, domestic travel, accommodations, online travel, F&B, cruises, and transport. Apart from Windows DMC, the group also has other subsidiaries, such as TNK Travel – an inbound tour operator, Trippy – an outbound and domestic travel agent, Trinh Gia Transportation Center, Beautiful Saigon Hotel, and TNK Travel Japan.

Thanks to the products and services TNK Travel Group has offered customers, the organization has contributed to the development of the domestic tourism and hospitality industry, illustrating that we’re one of the leading groups in Vietnam.


A DMC stands for a destination management company, specializing in providing their partners with tourism products & services based on local knowledge of their given destinations. Normally, a DMC will be an entity that obtains a thorough understanding of the customers’ nature and has the buying power with its suppliers of the given destinations. The services the company provides may be restaurants, activities, accommodations, excursions, gala dinners, tours and events.

Windows DMC

Vision and Orientation

To become a leading destination management company of Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general, with local knowledge and expertise, where partners can put their trust in the tourism products and services of given destinations.


To be a bridge between the local tourism and partners in the hospitality industry from the world due to our professionalism, responsibility, and reputation.

Core Values & Business Philosophy

With the local knowledge, expertise, and resources, Windows DMC always gains insights into the customers’ needs whereby we can design programs and offer services with excellent qualities they are expecting. Additionally, we have the buying power with our suppliers in the given destinations; that’s why our partners will get the preferential rates from us. In sum, we keep in our mind and our heart that qualities of products and services and the preferential rates are always associated with our business in terms of B2B market.

Source from Traveldaily 


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