Fondamentus – Musical Dream Event 2013

Fondamentus is, a major cultural event blend the string power thru orchestral with historic choreographic creation, dedicated to some major anniversaries celebrations in South East Asia happening in 2013. For the 65th year of diplomat between France & Myanmar and the 10th anniversary of Royal Ballet as Intangible Cultural Heritage classified by UNESCO. And as the first time in the history, the event will take place in two places, Mandalay – Myanmar and Siem Reap – Cambodia, these cities are already full with culture & history and this event will add of melodious illumination.


The composer, conductor and founder of Fondamentus Mrs. Odile Perceau started Khloros Concert in 2012 together with professional musicians and singers from France and other countries. As she has an extraordinary artistic talent, just in the first season, had a great success in all over the world. This unique artistic event is presented by Khloros Concert and proudly sponsored by APSARA Authority, France Embassy, and several key companies like Cambodia Airports, Sofitel, and Total… etc.

Le Quatuor Des Equilibres : starring by Violin – Agnes Pyka, Viola – Helene Desaint, Violin – Anne Celine Payolan and Cello – Edouard Sapey Triomphe. These award winner & record celebrities are ready to wild and chill of your night.


Twenty six out of sixty Orchestra players from Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra, which founded in 2000 under the guidance of Ministry of Information, picked for the event in Cambodia to match with the French String Quartet, they were very exciting for the event in Cambodia as this is their first time stage performing in oversea.

The Royal Ballet of Cambodia is ready to take the stage to honor of . The ballet was established in the royal courts of Cambodia for the purpose of entertainment as well as ceremonial propitiation. Performing Khmer Classical Dance – theme might be varying from Angkorian Era till modern world. When we talk about Cambodian Royal Ballet, Princess Buppha Devi is one of the significant milestones of Apsara Dance. Her official title is Her Royal Highness Samdech Reach Botrei Preah Ream Norodom Buppha Devi.


Program of the event in the heart of Angkor Wat on 6 December 2013:

01/ Dance of the Apsaras
02/ <Garonne> for String Quartet – Odile Perceau
03/ Dance of the celestial Deities
04/ Concerto Grosso in D minor
05/ Partita Romane 1 for Cello Solo
06/ Concerto Grosso in D minor
07/ Partita Romane 2 for Violin Solo
08/ Air – Suite for Orchestra BWV 1068
09/ Partita Romane 3 for Cello Solo
10/ Partita Romane 4 for Violin solo
11/ Concerto Grosso in D minor
12/ Partita Romane 5 for Cello Solo
13/ Partita Romane 6 for Violin Solo
14/ Concerto Grosso in D minor
15/ Partita Romane 7 for Strings – Odile Perceau


As Royal audience, had the honor of being presence as the high patronage of His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni, this event is unforgettable.

Mrs. Odile Perceau in quest of the new cultural exchange and sharing knowledge make this exceptional event with Royal Ballet of Cambodia, Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra and Le Quatour Des Equilibres. Along with specially personalized lighting design, incredible structure of the theme and a magical scenery of Ancient Angkorian Temple perfect the night to be wanderlust.


TNK Travel Team


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