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Join TNK Travel's "Mekong Culture & Nature Tour: Discover Dong Thap Muoi" for an immersive experience that combines the best of nature and culture. Explore the diverse ecosystems and rich biodiversity in a sprawling Melaleuca ...

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A trip to Mekong Delta to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and the rich culture of the vibrant southern Delta region. Boating down the river to experience the local life, fishing port, fishing floating house, enjoy ...

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Mekong Adventure Day Tour Coconut Town with kayaking day trip in The Mekong Delta will surely bring you an unforgettable experience of the inland waterways. There is no time to wait; begin the journey by dipping yourself ...

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Embark on a scenic boat ride to the historic site of a once-famous wholesale floating market on the Tien River. Savor fresh tropical fruits while enjoying traditional Vietnamese folk music. Visit unique family-run ...

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It’s definitely a brand new experience in the river water area when you take the Ben Tre homestay 2 days 1 night tour. Coconut Town in the Mekong Delta will surely bring you an unforgettable experience of the inland waterways. ...

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Take a leisurely boat ride under the shadows of the water coconut palm trees. Experience the lively Cai Rang and Phong Dien floating markets, Admire the landscape from the Sam Mountain summit down the Vietnamese - Cambodian ...

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Get on a boat ride under the shadow of the water coconut palm trees and taste seasonal fresh fruit in the orchards. Visit the Sam Mountain and the caved pagoda, and contemplate the sunset over the Vietnamese-Cambodian Frontier. ...

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Enjoy the wonders and charms of the Mekong Delta on this 3 day eco package tour. Visit the bustling Cai Be floating markets and stroll through small villages to discover the ways of the people living along the river. Take ...

Mekong Delta Tours – The Top Mekong Delta Day Tours 2020

Now it’s time to join Mekong Delta Tours. Since Mekong Delta Tour (aka the Southwestern Vietnam) is gifted specific advantages for the tourism, the local authorities facilitate the investment whereby international travelers can approach and experience this water area more easily. Thus, Mekong Delta tours designed in different genres – full day trips or long trips to the Delta region from travel agencies in Ho Chi Minh City (TNK Travel is one of them) have been popularized in the community of those who love Vietnam and also inspired them to make the unforgettable journeys. The destination actually makes the journey of your lifetime as you are leisurely rowed on local boats through canals where there are palm trees at two sides, grab the valuable knowledge about the water area’s people, and do other wonderful activities.  

The Top Mekong Delta Day Tours 2020: top places to visit

My Tho – Mekong Delta Tours

My Tho – Mekong Delta Tours

In 1680s, My Tho – Mekong Delta Tours – The provincial city of Tien Giang was established by a number of Chinese people who tried to flee from Taiwan and settle down here. One special thing about this city is that it is known as the gateway to the center of Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh City. It is easy to arrive here by bus, and it just takes you about 1.5 hours. The economic growth of the area is primarily depending on the tourism, fruit plantations (like mangoes, bananas, coconuts, rice, and longan) and fishing farms.

Ben Tre – Mekong Delta Tours

Ben Tre – Mekong Delta Tours

Ben Tre – Mekong Delta Tours: Despite the fact that there are nowadays some large bridges built up in Ben Tre, it is still supposed to be the ferry for the tourist traffic from My Tho to other provinces. It is clear that Ben Tre is perfect for boat trips since the majority of its area is water, and you can relish the rustic atmosphere along the light wind on the river. Also, don’t miss tasting a coconut candy – a sweet specialty in small factories run by the local family; more interestingly, you can observe their operation in your Mekong Delta tours.

Dong Thap – Mekong Delta Tours

Dong Thap – Mekong Delta Tours

Dong Thap – Mekong Delta Tours: Another province of Mekong Delta – shares its border with Cambodia to the north. For a Mekong Delta tour, the region is indispensable and even extremely brilliant for experiencing the most quintessential things of the natural and cultural beauty of the Southwest. Besides Xeo Quyt Heritage site, which is widely known as the historic military base in the Vietnam war, you will penetrate into the Sa Dec center where there is a great concentration of entertainment and related activities. It is fantastic to visit Huynh Thuy Le Old House, Kim Hue Pagoda, Phan Boi Chau Street, and Sa Dec Market.

An Giang – Mekong Delta Tours

An Giang – Mekong Delta Tours

An Giang – Mekong Delta Tours: What will enhance the perfection of your Mekong Delta tours is An Giang, so you are advised not to neglect this special land. There, there are stunning and dazzling mountains and hotspots, consisting of Queen land Temple, Banned Mountain, Cam Mountain, Sam Mountain, Tra Su Cajuput Forest, some Mosques, Pagodas, and Sky Lake, where Dien Dien flowers strongly grow. Especially, famous festivals, e.g. cow race festival are found in the area.

Mekong Delta Tours 2020: top things to do

Boat trip – Mekong Delta Tours

Boat trip on the Mekong

Boat trip – Mekong Delta Tours: Of course, boat trip is the most common activity during the journey to explore the Delta region because water occupies the majority of its area. In fact, it will be a relaxing and amazing feeling to cruise on the river and dip yourself into the breeze while enjoying coconut water. Not only that, all idyllic, unspoiled yet charming scenes around will please you at any cost.

Family Business – Mekong Delta Tours

Family Business

Family Business – Mekong Delta Tours: To understand more the local economy, it is exciting to visit family factories where locals make their own products, such as coconut candy, noodle, rice paper, coconut husk brooms, activated charcoal, dried coconut, etc. Our guide will explain how those businesses operate.

Fresh fruit – Mekong Delta Tours

Fresh fruit

There is an abundance and diversity of fresh fruits, too awesome for your journey to the water area. Additionally, enter the heart of fruit orchards and be surprised by their fruitfulness, contributing to the list of stimulating activities you can experience in the trip.

Vietnamese folk music in Mekong Delta

Vietnamese folk music in Mekong Delta

The Best Mekong Delta tours from TNK Travel will lead you to a small peaceful village where locals themselves perform Vietnamese traditional songs which portray the rustic lifestyle of the honest people and ancient stories here. Excellently, the melody is from simple folk instruments, there is nothing finicky.

Ecotourism destinations in the Mekong Delta

Ecotourism destinations

Another top thing to enjoy when you land on the water area is ecotourism destinations where the tranquility and soft charm of the nature will cling to your steps and soul. It is also a fantastic chance to obtain the understanding of wildlife and different species inhabiting the Delta. The Mekong delta tours will take you to Xeo Quyt Ecotourism Attraction, My Khanh Ecotourism Village, Gao Giong Ecotourism Park, Tra Su Cajuput Forest, etc.

Floating markets – Mekong Delta Tours

Floating markets – Mekong Delta Tours

Floating markets – Mekong Delta Tours: It is possible to state that floating markets are the highlight of the journey to explore Mekong Delta. Why? It is because this is an exciting feature in the culture of the water region of Vietnam. There is no place in the west part of the world owning this characteristic which allows travelers to learn about the life of river people. Cai Be and Cai Rang are the most renowned floating markets here.

Homestay experience – Mekong Delta Tours

Homestay Experience – Mekong Delta Tours

Homestay experience – Mekong Delta Tours: What makes your Mekong Delta tours more meaningful and exciting is homestay experience, which means that you are led to the home of locals and try living their life for one night. Typical activities for such an experience include relishing the sunset in the peaceful space, getting the great riverside view, cooking dinner with the locals, and so on.

Mekong Delta cuisine

Mekong Delta cuisine

Yes, savoring Mekong Delta cuisine is a must in your trip. It is awesome for sure. Especially, there are some dishes which you have never imagined before, and they even scare you at the first time of seeing or hearing them, e.g. voles roasted in clay container. Certainly, it is difficult for you to resist the mouth-watering food while going through each region of the Delta.

The best time to visit Mekong Delta

While you must take account of the weather and temperature in visiting many other places in the world, it doesn’t matter in Vietnam and specially Mekong Delta since it is stable here. However, to choose the best time to visit the area is not also too hard. Summer (May to August) is one of the three best choices since it is the fruitful season, followed by floating season (September to November) and Spring (Tet holiday).

Mekong Delta – the charming and friendly land


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