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Cat Tien National park
per person $185

This trip is made for those who love nature exploring and outdoor activities. Spending a 3 days 2 night trip to explore the must do in Cat Tien National Park, walking at Bau Sau has to be one of the most peaceful experience, ...

Tra Que herb village in Hoi An

A worth day visiting for those who love cycling through the quite road, rice field, vegetable garden, see water buffaloes, water wheel and enjoy fresh air from beautiful countrysides.  You're being dressed up as a farmer ...

per person $312

Cross Muong Hoa River to visit 3 mountainside villages of the H'mong and Dzay peoples, Visit the Red Dzao in Giang Ta Chai village by way of terraced paddy fields and bamboo forests, Admire the natural beauty of the Silver ...

per person $417

Welcome to our trekking and homestay tour. You will have 4 days excursion with greatest trekking time to admire the spectacular rice terraces of Hoang Su Phi and get experience of the local life of its various local tribes ...

per person $307

We will learn the cultural values of the minorities in remote mountainous area. Then, visiting the colorful Can Cau & Bac Ha market, exploring to the villages of different hill-tribe peoples .You will learn the past at ...

per person $339

At an elevation of 1,600 meters, Sapa is a delightful former French hill station situated in the mountainous region of Vietnam's northwest, close to the Chinese border. The region is home to many ethnic minority groups, each ...

per person $346

You will experience the colorful Bac Ha & Coc Ly market, v isit to the villages of different hill-tribe peoples , learn the past at the H ’ mong King ’ s house (King Hoang A Tuong), taste the wines different sorts ...

Ho Chi Minh Trail biking 1
per person $180

Ride around A Luoi and discover the daily life of the local ethnic people. Visit their traditional houses on stilts. View spectacular views of mountains and forests. Drop by the world famous Ho Chi Minh Trail. Enjoy a boat ...

Vietnam Trekking, Kayaking and Cycling are absolutely absorbing activities most travelers no matter if they are inexperienced or expert are also eager to do. In Vietnam, lots of travel spots with magnetic landscapes are inspiring them to start an unforgettable journey. To convince anyone to have the journey of a lifetime, highlights of Vietnam Trekking, Kayaking and Cycling tours from TNK Travel and handy tips for this form of trip will be crucial clues for sure. What you just need to do now is to take a look at all following information and hit the button “book now” to go.       

Highlights of Vietnam Trekking, Kayaking and Cycling tour 2016

Explore breathtaking scenic landscapes of Vietnam in a hands-on way

To be honest, there is more than one way to sink yourself into the imposing scenery of Vietnam, ranging from the north to the south; however, it is believed by a large number of experienced travelers in the world that trekking, kayaking and cycling help them approach the natural charm much more. They can leisurely transfer real poetic images from the nature to their mind in a deeper level, directly observe a harmonious combination of mountains, rivers, trees, flowers, houses, and rustic things exactly by their eyes, and let themselves touch the real world. In fact, no word is used to portray this beauty perfectly without itself.

Experience homestay

Homestay experience is what plenty of travelers choose as an ideal approach to perceive the local lifestyle in the most interesting way. They are taken to the home of locals to see them earning their living, cook with them, relax on the hammock – a popular item for taking a rest in Vietnam, and talk with them in order to understand more stimulating qualities in the culture of the Vietnamese countryside. Perhaps, for foodies, tasting rural dishes made from ingredients familiar with the local people is what they will be absorbed to explore. Get it here!

Learn the local culture

Not all people can get a deep sense of cultural features of a specific region in Vietnam just with a short trip. Nonetheless, TNK Travel is confident to support those people in bringing back the complete and meaningful memory about the culture of each area in Vietnam. With Vietnam Trekking, Kayaking and Cycling tours, their itinerary will carefully be mapped out so that they can take all what they have been expecting for a long time.

Savor the local cuisines

With no doubt, cuisines of each region, you try when going on Vietnam Trekking, Kayaking and Cycling tours are exactly part of the Vietnamese culture, but it will be more detailed and described in narrowed scope. When paying a visit to hotspots of Vietnam, you are not only welcomed by the locals’ hospitable behavior, but also introduced to food specialties here, which you have never probably tasted and even seen before. It is an opportunity for you to learn the local cuisines.

Best places for Vietnam trekking, kayaking and cycling tour


Sapa is supposed to be ideal for trekking when it comes to Vietnam trekking, kayaking and cycling tour. Situated at the height of 1,500km above sea level, Sa Pa – a highland as well as a mountainous province of the northern Vietnam – is referred to as the flog world with the splendid view created by vast rice terraces seemingly emerging at the horizon and tiny rural houses like be put in the valley, which is surely a marvelous picture from Mother Nature.

Ha Giang

Also be one of the mountainous provinces in the northeastern Vietnam, Ha Giang is favored steep hills, karst plateau, long and curving roads, and rice terraces, making the region perfect for outdoor activities, like camping or trekking. Ha Giang’s magnificent landscapes will dazzle you as you land in some renowned destinations: Hoang Su Phi (grandiose rice terraces), Lung Cu Flag Tower, Dong Van Plateau, Ma Pi Leng Pass, and Meo Vac Town.


Despite being the most bustling cities of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City still carries different features regarding the busy level. Compared to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi is seemingly rather peaceful as the Hanoi’s lifestyle tends to remain values about cultural and historical traditions while the other always pursues changes and modern things. That is the reason why Hanoi is actually suitable for a cycling tour to get a sense of its ancient charm dating back hundreds of years.

Halong bay

Many expert travelers state that you will not have a real Vietnam tour if missing Halong Bay, even though you have set foot in this country more than once. Favored by the nature, Halong Bay is seen as a masterpiece whose brilliance can’t be depicted by word; hence, it has been recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Nothing is more wonderful than going on a kayaking tour in order to directly contemplate its hidden charm. Just go kayaking through narrow waterways, and you will discover miracles from the bay.


Perhaps, via travel forums,, or famous blogs on the internet, you have got some ideas about Hoi An ancient town in Vietnam. Nevertheless, cycling around the tranquil paths around this town is one of the best ways to get full experience. More amazingly, let’s walk in the ancient town at night – the best time for you to see its real colorful beauty. All street corners are illuminated by a variety of lanterns with lit candles hung in front of each house.

Mekong Delta

It is clear that you can’t skip Mekong Delta in the list of travel spots for Vietnam trekking, kayaking and cycling tours due to its advantages. In more detail, cycling is the most suitable activity since you are guided to ride through eye-catching fruit orchards of the Southwest Vietnam. If kayaking is preferred, you should keep any eye on an Mekong adventure day tour from TNK Travel, which enables you to authentically and adventurously experience the Delta region.

Vietnam trekking, kayaking and cycling travel tips

Before beginning a Vietnam Trekking, Kayaking and Cycling tour, you should not pay attention to some travel tips in order to let it go smooth as you are expecting:

Vietnam trekking travel tips:

– Bear in mind you provide your body with enough water if you are on the hike.

– Just pack very necessary items for the hike.

– Keep a watchful eye on the trail.

– Bring medicines with you.

Vietnam kayaking travel tips:

– Always put your paper documents in zip-lock bags.

– Bring soft rag with you in case your camera gets wet.

– Tie all things down when getting out of the kayak.

– Don’t panic for all possible situations.

Vietnam cycling travel tips:

– Bring a local map or smartphone with GPS.

– Don’t pack heavily.

– Do research on the route you will take in advance.

– Take rest days to get more energy.


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