Saigon Day Trips

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The “ Saigon alive & food by night “ is one of the most popular motorbike tours that combine sightseeing Saigon after dark and taste the authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Enjoy your pillion ride behind our trained driving ...

Taking a look at Saigon Day Trips from TNK Travel, absolutely you will be exhilarated to uncover a lot of attractions as well as lifestyle and culture of the most buzzing metropolis – Saigon (the former name of Ho Chi Minh City). Apart from impressive changes carrying the color of modern style and development, Saigon also brings home to you its glorious history and undaunted people. Especially, while it is a high-octane and chaotic city of commerce and breaths vitality into Saigonese people, there is no visitor from other places, who can reduce this energy at all. Set foot here and start your journey to grab the most fascinating things from the trip.

Saigon day trips 2016: things to see and do

Visiting French architectural structures

Saigon dotted with several miraculously outstanding French architectural structures is because it underwent the severe French colonial era in the past. Nowadays, those buildings emerge as irresistible landmarks of a small yet irrepressible city. It is so hard to miss names, such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Opera House, Saigon Central Post Office, and especially Ben Thanh Market when you get in the Vietnam’s metropolis thanks to their exquisite design. Definitely the visit is a wonderful approach to former French architecture in Vietnam, not to mention brings you surprising knowledge about the war time of Vietnam.

Enjoying street food

It is strongly advised that you should savor street food instead of culinary delights at a luxurious restaurant when coming to Vietnam. Why? It is because street food will let you live in the life of normal Saigonese people, get full experience of the vitality in food and drink areas, and immerse into Vietnamese real specialties. Enjoying street food is also among great ways to absorb the country’s cuisine while soaking into a chaotic place like Saigon.

Exploring the locals’ lifestyle

A motorbike trip at night sounds exciting as you are taken through various streets in the city so that you can witness and perceive the pulsating lifestyle of Saigonese. It is utterly stimulating to know about their entertaining activities and especially experience nightlife in a big city of an oriental country like Vietnam. Through the trip, you will understand what the locals will do for entertainment, where they gather to chat at night, and where to enjoy food and drink together.

The best experiences at night for Saigon day trips

Motorbike and food tour

When the dark covers the sky of Saigon, what will be better than joining dinner with locals? Motorbike and food tour is seen as the best way to experience nightlife in this city. Surely, it is entertaining enough to bring you a perfect night trip around destinations where the Sagionese life, culture, and people are exposed. For this kind of tour, just sit back and relish the ride. The first experience you can be dizzied is to move through the crowd in the rush hour – something too familiar to Saigonese, and then peer into the softly beautiful landscapes of bustling streets. Another highlight of the tour includes enjoying dinner with Vietnamese traditional dishes, such as spring rolls, steamed rice-powder cake with meat, bean sprouts, and onion, Vietnamese pancakes, etc.

A O show

Regarded as a special type of art performance related to Vietnamese culture, A O show has been fascinating more and more domestic and international viewers. The Vietnamese meaning of A O is surprising; this word describes the amazing feeling of the audience when they watch the show. Just lasting in 20 minutes, it brings home to them the life and traditional culture of Vietnamese people in the countryside in an authentic way. Also, the artists’ performance reflects the Vietnamese’s soul and their immortal heritage. Designed to give the audience different tones of emotion, the show is expected to be an unforgettable experience the viewers can get.

Water puppet show

Positioned at Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Golden Dragon water puppet theater is definitely among the deserving destinations to get experience of the Vietnamese cultural tradition. In fact, the theater is a perfect place for enjoying nightlife and learning about the richness in the country’s culture as well. The puppet show lasts in 50 minutes, and in more detail, it is based on ancient fairytales to depict the traditional culture of the countryside life in Vietnam. It is interesting to understand Vietnamese legends related to goddesses, talking fish, and dragons. Maybe, the most attractive and prominent feature from the show is exactly the art of performing; it means how to control puppets so that they can move and act on the water is an incredible thing, compared to our imagination. You will be astonished by each section during the artists’ performance.

Dinner on the Saigon river cruise

There is no doubt that Saigon hums both days and nights, but it is possible to say that night is the great time where the city is put in a brand-new outfit. Still encompassing the high-octane landscape in the daylight, but the city gets more magnetic when lights are turned on and make everything be illuminated in the dark. More brilliantly, nightlife experiences will get you more absorbed, and enjoying dinner on the Saigon river cruise is one of them. Figure out how fantastic it is when you cruise on Saigon River to contemplate the night landscape of Saigon and enjoy the most stunning culinary delights at the same time. What an excellent activity!

The best time to join Saigon day trips

There is no correct advice on the best time to join Saigon day trips because it is true that you can go anytime you want. However, there are two options for each person, depending on their favorite. Firstly, experience the trip in the rainy season from April to November. If thirsty for Vietnamese specialties and experiences just found in this time, you will not care how heavily it rains and begin the journey. Alternatively, people often prefer the dry season from November to the end of March next year because it is convenient to move everywhere they want without worrying about rain puddles. Riding motorbikes around Saigon is also easier.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is an amazing up and coming city


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