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Ma Pi Leng Pass Ha Giang

The North East Loops 6 Days
6 days / 5 nights

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The North East Loops 6 Days: This tour takes you to the most stupendous region of Vietnam where you get to visit the markets of ethnic people, the mountains of the Black H'mong of Dong Van and the Ma Pi Leng Pass, and the ...

Hoi An Central Highlands of Vietnam
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If you crave outdoor adventure combined with an unforgettable cultural experience, then this is definitely the tour for you! Learn about the traditional lifestyles and cultures of some of Vietnam’s oldest tribes by visiting ...

The North West Loops 7 Days
7 days / 6 nights

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The northwest region is steeped in history and provides a captivating blend of dramatic landscapes and colorful hill tribes. This stunning and isolated area has changed little over the centuries. You will have the chance ...

Vietnam Adventure Tours are not merely tour programs with available travel services, but those are the journey of a lifetime for those who love discovering the hidden charm of different areas in the world. Vietnam – a small yet fabulous country with world heritage sites, hospitable people, and cultural traditions dating back over 1,000 years – will be a wonderful destination arousing the international travelers’ curiosity and inspiring them to make fully meaningful trips. Right now, if just figuring out some part of Vietnam, don’t hesitate to read the following which help you obtain lots of precious knowledge about this S-shaped country before deciding whether you should start the journey or not.

Highlights of Vietnam adventure tours 2016

See the Vietnam’s miraculous charm throughout the North to the South

It’s great that you must not be tired to think about an itinerary throughout provinces from the North to South of Vietnam as it is available at TNK Travel, or if you wish, the company will customize a new sort of Vietnam adventure tours for your own. With the trip, all imposing and incredible landscapes of Vietnam will be absorbed into your mind and become an unforgettable memory. Surely there are lots of things which can overwhelm you at the first time of the journey, and among them include wonderful rice terraces of Sapa, street corners full of colorful lanterns in Hoi An ancient town or simply the idyllic beauty of Mekong Delta.

Uncover remarkable cultural traditions

Vietnam is supposed to be rich in historical and cultural traditions spreading over its different regions, and Vietnam adventure tours will enable you to go through those imposing destinations. Therefore, the journey is a wonderful opportunity for you to attain a diversity of interesting things and surprises in the culture of each of the regions. It is possible to say that visits to small villages to central areas will bring back memorable experiences for your life when you arrive in Vietnam.

Enjoy culinary delights of each region

The Vietnamese cuisine is not merely focused on a specific region of Vietnam, but scattered everywhere, getting you eager to discover a diversity of culinary delights. Especially, what amazes you a lot is that the wonderful taste of each dish is formed from simple ingredients which are used to the rural life. Sometimes, while getting homestay experience, you will be invited to meager meals, just consisting of two or three dishes, but they contain the taste of the love between people.

Top places for adventure tours in Vietnam

Ha Giang

Referred to as a province of the northern Vietnam and famous for the Vietnam’s northernmost point, Ha Giang shares its long border with a China’s province. With the area of around 8,000 square kilometers and the population of over 700,000 (the statistic in 2008), the province is expected to be an ideal spot for travelers to find the most exciting things in both nature and people.

Cao Bang

For Vietnam adventure tours, Cao Bang will be a good recommendation on a few travel forums. The simple reason is Cao Bang has a great concentration of fabulous scenes and is also the perfect gateway to imposing lakes, ethnic people’s villages, caves, karst peaks, and impressively Ban Gioc Waterfall (a splendid waterfall viewed as a scenic masterpiece from Mother Nature).

Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan Province)

Ba Be Lake is considered as the largest lake of the northeastern Vietnam and just 240km from the beautiful capital. The lake’s depth is ranging from 17 – 35 meters, depending on each season, and it is 150 meters high above sea level. One special thing is that Ba Be never becomes completely dry while the other lakes in Vietnam fall in this bad condition during the dry season. With its imposing charm, the lake was designated as a special national heritage site in 2012.

Da Lat

Da Lat is where travelers no matter if they are domestic or international choose to escape from the heat of Saigon. The weather is extremely temperate (always too hot or too cool all year round), lots of French colonial mansions spread over the town, and there are plenty of eye-catching farms with flowers, strawberries, and vegetables, exciting anyone landing here. Not only that, you will be easily convinced by special landmarks scattering through the town, especially perfect for backgrounds of a wedding.

Da Nang

It is possible to state that Da Nang is a must-visit city because of its surprisingly increasing growth for a few decades. In the past, this place was just a rural provincial backwater, but everything has been changing recently. Upon going for a troll along streets or new bridges of the city, you will come across spectacular hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other buildings emerging in front of your eyes. For sure, it wows you so much with the grandiose view from those new bridges.

Mai Chau

Mai Chau is like a mystery just uncovered by enthusiastic explorers like you since it is situated inside a tranquil valley and surrounded by high hills. Rather, the area should be taken into account as a wonderful hideaway from the Hanoi’s bustle. For Vietnam adventure tours, Mai Chau deserves the top place for homestay experience because it is not only dotted with incredible and paradise-like landscapes, but also rich in the culture of ethnic communities.


It is not a lie that Sapa is covered by the dramatic scenery, so it is nowadays the tourism center as well as the hottest spot of the northwestern Vietnam. Any word or even photo doesn’t have enough power to depict its miraculous beauty; the most outstanding feature is endless ranges of rice terraces sometimes dotted with light pink tiny houses in a rural style. Besides the spectacular magnificence and the tranquil life of Sapa, you can also learn about some prominent cultural traditions here.

The best time to enjoy Vietnam adventure tours

The Vietnam’s climate varies in regions from the North to the South, so the name’s tour, Vietnam adventure tours says it all. You will challenge yourself to the route through many different provinces and cities as well as encounter different types of weather. However, for each region, you can consider the best time:

– Sapa: September – October or March – June for cooler days or warm weather.

– Hanoi: October to November for the weather is not too hot.

– Halong Bay: Spring and Autumn for warm days and blue sky ideal for cruising.

– Da Lat: all year round since its climate is temperate.

– Saigon: all year round, but the greatest time is Tet holiday, January to February.

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