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per person $289

Song Xanh Sampan Mekong Delta Cruise 3 Days 2 Nights is a great choice for tourists who want to discover the beauty of the Upper Mekong Delta river with the incredible system of canals. Immerse into the scenes and get an ...

Mien Tay Sampan Mekong Cruise 3 days
per person $299

Mien Tay Sampan Private Cruise 3 days 2 nights provides tourists with an amazing experience of the Mekong Delta tour. The tourists will have a chance to walk and cycle on the beautiful island, enjoy fresh fruits and traditional ...

Jayavarman Cuise
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A truly wonderful experience of luxury and immersion in Vietnamese and Cambodian culture in 8 days cruising through the Mekong River. Enjoy a great excursion included shore excursion, temples and local villages visiting, ...

Jayavarman Cruise 4 Days
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Enjoy the high quality travel through Jayavarman Cruise 4 days - Pearl of the Orient (Ho Chi Minh City - Phnom Penh), which is also a great way to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Surely, there is nothing more wonderful than relaxing ...

Gecko Eyes Mekong river Cruise

Gecko Eyes Mekong Delta Cruise
3 days / 2 nights

per person $319

The new Gecko Eyes Cruises house boats will be perfect for you, the first of the houseboats is under construction and ready for first guests. The Gecko Eyes are private houseboats for two or four people, made for tours on ...

Mekong Emotion Cruise
per person $349

Mekong Emotion Cruise is the latest added to the fleet of our cruises. It was purposefully designed to meet up specific needs of discerning travelers for comfort and luxury. The cruise measures around 33 meters long and 7 ...

This tour is great for any individuals, couples as well as small groups who want to briefly explore the Mekong Delta’s Maze of Canal Network. Enjoy the scenes and senses of the bustling Cai Rang and Cai Be floating markets. ...

Mekong Delta Cruises will offer you a leisure new way to explore the Delta region and the life of locals here. Mekong Delta is also called the Southwestern area where there is a river with its namesake – Mekong River, emptying into the sea. Especially, in the floating season, the region will be largely covered by water, which brings back it a considerable amount of alluvium soil, helping grow lush fruit orchards and plantations. Due to this advantage, the spot has become the fruit supplier of the southern Vietnam. Besides, it is also blessed with numerous ideal factors to develop the tourism, and Mekong Delta cruise is one of the wonderful products from the tourism investment. Now it is time to find how awesome the cruises are. 

Why should Mekong Delta cruises be chosen?

Discover the locals’ lifestyle at two sides of the river

It is great to lay down on soft chairs on board and observe the tranquil and charming landscapes around. The boat gradually leads you through the bustling area where locals are earning their living; they are innocent people always working hard on the river and in their rustic gardens and plantations. Although the life is simple, we can still find bright smiles on their face while cruising.

Learn about floating markets

With Mekong Delta cruises vietnam, interesting activities and amazing knowledge about the water area will get you absorbed. First, while being on board, you can contemplate the  market’s hustle where the locals or merchants from other places come to trade their products on the river, such as fruits and vegetables. Second, your breakfast can be more special if you try enjoying something delicious sold from small boats. Another surprising thing is that you will find the answer to the question: why can traders still know exactly which boat sells products they are looking for while the market is always busy and full of boats in the morning?

Visit traditional villages

One of the unique characteristics in the culture of the river people is keeping traditional villages where they do family businesses, such as coconut candy workshop, rice paper factory, and handicraft mill specializing in products from coconut, like husk brooms, dried coconut, and activated charcoal. It will help open your mind to a new form of business in the idyllic countryside.

Enjoy Mekong Delta cuisine

The impressive cuisine will enhance the brilliance of this wetland. Not only are you served with perfect cuisines by professional chefs on board, but also taste various rustic yet stunning dishes while going for a walk in the mainland. Savoring the food regarding the countryside is the good approach to the Delta region’s culture.

Mekong Delta cruises 2016 / 2017: Top things to see and do

Huynh Thuy Le ancient house

Being one of the outstanding destinations voted by Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations, Huynh Thuy Le ancient house used to be where the lover of the French authoress Duras lived. The house created a romantic setting for the love between Huynh Thuy Le, the Huynh family’s son and this writer, so it has nowadays attracted more and more visitors from many places in Vietnam and the world.

Tra Su cajuput forest

Situated 20k m away from Chau Doc, Tra Su cajuput is actually a remarkable point of Mekong Delta cruises due to its wonderful scenic landscapes. The forest’s area is about 850 hectares, and it is the habitat of many bird species and animals, such as storks, turtles, snakes, bats, and others. More surprisingly, coming here, you are lucky to see birds walking on water. How amazing!

Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang is known as the largest floating markets in Mekong Delta, so it deserves a visit when you go on Mekong Delta river cruises. Because Cai Rang is a wholesale market, it is always bustling with small and large boats every morning, which has become a beautiful characteristic in the culture of local people. Even they said that they couldn’t live without boats and their trading on the river. Then, it is well worth spending time on the trip to this special market.

Tan Quy Dong flower village

While Mekong Delta is endowed with countless hotspots for traveling, Tan Quy Dong flower village is among those and will be listed in the top for those who love the ravishing flower gardens full of colors. There is no doubt that Tan Quy Dong carries the enthralling power to fascinate any traveler who is on Mekong Delta cruises. Positioned in a district with the village’s namesake, it spreads over the area of 60 hectares and is the home of many species of valuable flowers and plants, some of which are amber tree and roses, building the reputation for the village.

Xeo Quyt ecotourism site

Xeo Quyt lies in Dong Thap – the land of river, channel and spring system, alluvium soil, and non-saline water source, so it is beneficial to the growth of the forest ecosystem. That is the reason why Xeo Quy which used to be the military base, the site of revolutionary activities is now a famous ecotourism destination many people choose to visit for their Mekong delta tour or Mekong Delta cruises. With the cajuput forest of 20 hectares, the site is the habitat of more 170 species of plants and 200 species of animals and birds. Penetrating deeply into the forest by boat is the great way to let yourself dip into the untouched magnificence of the wildlife.

What to eat for Mekong Delta cruises

On, it seems likely that you will get lots of recommendations about food for your Mekong Delta cruises. Obviously, some cuisines prepared by the boat’s expert chefs are so stunning that you think that it is enough for your cruises. However, it is not complete if you miss rustic but appetizing dishes from the idyllic countryside, such as hu tieu (Vietnamese pork and seafood noodle soup), bun ca (vermicelli fish soup), lau mam (fermented fish hotpot), banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake), lau cua dong (hotpot with rice field crab), chao ca loc (snakehead congee), ca loc nuong trui (snakehead burned inside the haystack), ca tai tuong chien xu (deep fried giant gourami fish).


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