The interior of Kep peninsula is occupied by Kep National Park, degraded in recent years by illegal logging but finally guarded by a complement of rangers. An 8km circuit around the park, navigable by foot or mountain bike, starts at the park entrance behind Veranda Natural Resort. Fuel up and grab a map of the park at the Led Zep Cafe , which is on the trail 300m into the walk. The map is also reprinted in the Coastal Kep and Kampot guide.

Led Zep Cafe has also created quirky yellow signs that point the way from the main trail to walking paths leading into the interior of the park. One such path, dubbed Stairway to Heaven, starts directly behind the Beach House guesthouse overlooking Kep Beach. It leads 800m up the hill to a pagoda, a nunnery and – 400m further on – Sunset Rock, with superb views.



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