The Blue Lagoon is located a seven-kilometre journey along a rough dirt road which starts from the southern edge of Vang Vieng next to the Kangaroo Bar. 

The bridge toll at the start of the journey is 4,000 kip per person, 6,000 kip per bicycle and 10,000 kip per motorbike. Along the road to the Blue Lagoon are a few turnoffs to caves and lagoons including one leading to a fake Blue Lagoon complete with sign and ticket booth. 

The fake Blue Lagoon is a simple bend in a creek with a swing rope and a couple of pavilions in which to relax — you’ll know you’re at the fake one if there are only a couple of other people around. The fake Blue Lagoon is two kilometres short of the real one and is not worth visiting. Head straight on past the turn off to the first Blue Lagoon you see and continue until the real one where there will definitely be numerous tuk-tuks, dozens of motorbikes and bicycles and 50 or so people swimming, eating, playing guitar and generally chilling out family-picnic-style.

Many people choose to come to the Blue Lagoon for the whole day as it’s a great spot to just relax. The lagoon is a beautiful turquoise colour, clean and filled with an abundance of large fish. The nearby cave is usually explored with a guide which costs a relatively hefty 50,000 kip. Those needing a torch will need to stump up an extra 10,000 kip — the people working here know how to charge.

There’s a restaurant on site selling food and beer and the entire area is set up perfectly for travellers. This is a great activity to check out while in Vang Vieng.


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