Aythaya vineyard produces red, white and rose wine since 2004. Before that, the project was started by a German entrepreneur Mr. Bert Morshach and a group of European friends.

The first step in creating this vineyard started during 1998. The first 3,000 vines were imported from Europe and were planted in the capital of the Kayah States, Loikaw.

As a second step, this first vineyard was relocated to Htone Bo Farm in Aythaya, near Taunggyi in the Southern Shan States. This was during the mid of 1999. Some 10,000 vines were imported to launch a research & trial period. Aythaya is a 9.5-hectare (23.5-acre) vineyard located on the Blue Mountains of Shan Plateau. This vineyard is located where the rainfall is moderate and with an elevation of 1300 meter (4260 feet), which makes it the higest vineyard in Asia. The temperature is cool and can fall as low as 5 degrees Celsius or about 41 degrees Fahrenheit during winter. At that time the pioneers did not know that one day the results would be overwhelming.

At a famous Charity event in the City of Yangon, Aythaya Wine was marketed for the first time. It was December 2004. After all those efforts, today, the founders can claim that it is possible to produce quality wine in the Southern Shan States of Myanmar.

Aythaya Red is a cuvée from SHIRAZ (Syrah) and CABERNET SAUVIGNON grapes. Both vines were imported in 1999 from France. From the year 2007 and onwards there will DORNFELDER from Germany and TEMPRANILLO from Spain as well. Aythaya Rose is made from a fruity red MOSCATO grape from Italy. Aythaya White is formed from the noble Sauvignon Blanc from the Bordeaux area.

In hindsight it was a hugely challenging time between the first viticulture research in 1997, bottling the first wines in 2004 and the emerging exports in 2006. Myanmar is on the map of wine-producing countries.

As the Aythaya Vineyard amazes everyone who hears about the wine production, a tour to the Vineyard has also been arranged with some tour operators. Aythaya Vineyard is only about 40 minutes drive from the famous Inle Lake of Shan State. Also from Heho Airport, one can taka a taxi and ask for Aythaya Vineyard. A Wine Garden Restaurant is constructed in the vineyard, where visitors can taste some wine.


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