Located in Mandalay, Myanmar, the Mandalay Palace is the royal palace of King Mindon and King Thibaw – the last two kings of the Burmese monarchy. The palace was built in 1857 but was destroyed once in the World War II. During that time, only the royal mint and the watch tower survived. In 1990s, Myanmar people rebuilt the palace with some modern materials but still kept the original structure. Compared to the royal palace of other countries, the Mandalay Palace has a strange and distinctive architectural style. The palace has 2 km long walls which built with the common Burmese brick. There are 3 gateways placed at equal distances on each face of the walls. The palace also has many special and wonderful structures such as Clock Tower, Relic Tower, Supreme Court and Royal mausoleums. Nowadays, the palace is a famous historical monument of Myanmar as well as an attractive destination for tourists.


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