The Black Dough Called Mont Kalar Mei

We, Myanmar people, usually have numerous kinds of snacks and traditional foods region wise. Most of them are made, based on rice and glutinous rice. In Myanmar, there is a very greening and pleasant coastal region called Myeik at which the dough with the special taste is very famous regional dessert.

The staple ingredients are white and purplish glutinous rice and high quality rice. After getting purified all ingredients, they have to be mixed with proportion. For example , 3 baskets of rice and 3 baskets each of white and black purplish glutinous rice.

And then , the mixture is to be thoroughly washed and put them under water until it becomes soft. And then it is to be ground thoroughly into paste. In grinding rice, hand-mill made with 2 slabs is used and mill as well.

Coconut is one of the most essentials in making Mont Kalar Mei. Coconut is to be grated by grated machine. And these are mixed with boiled water and made it to get coconut milk. Grated coconut are put into a container and then capped and squeezed using force.Here is coconut milk.

Next, coconut milk is purified using sieve. Sugar is essential ingredient to be mixed with coconut milk. No need to add water again. That’s why we worried to get much water. Screening again is needed.

And then all these are mixed and boiled at the earthen hand made stove using fire- woods for 4 hours.After put it on the stove, now the important parts of cooking begins.Dough maker must consecutively stir with a great care.
When it becomes thicker and thicker, the maker is needed to stir thoroughly in a systematic way. From the mixture of the 6 baskets of black and white glutinous rice, the net of the dough 15 viss will be obtained.

As the dough Mont Kalar Mei has no chemicals dyes and smell, it is suitable for any kinds of people and we can get the taste of sweetness and softness. The Mont Kalar Mei is since to get more and more famous for its taste.


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