TNK Travel Wins “Top 10 Inbound Tour Operators in HCM 2017” at Tourism Festival

Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Festival 2018 with the concept of “Summer Discovery in 2018” was hosted at 23/9 Park, District 1 from the 12th to 15th of April, 2018 and an annual occasion to gather various organizations in the hospitality industry, such as tour operators, travel agents, hotels, restaurants, tourist transportation centers, and airlines.

Tourism Festival 2018

As usual, the main aim of the festival was to popularize travel brands as well as their products and services to both domestic and international tourists; therefore, it was easy for a visitor to find a good deal here.  Besides this promotion campaign, there were also other fascinating activities, including seminars to share travel information, solutions to increasing productivity as well as growing sales online, and especially an awards ceremony of honoring top 10 inbound tour operators in Ho Chi Minh City and top 10 tourist transportation companies in 2017.

TNK Travel – Top 10 Inbound Tour Operators in HCM 2017

TNK Travel with the hard effort of all staff members, managers, and directors deservingly won “Top 10 Inbound Tour Operators in HCM 2017” at the ceremony at 7:00PM, April 14th; additionally, Trinh Gia Transportation Center – a branch from TNK Travel also brought back the same honorable award of “Top 10 Tourist Transportation Companies 2017. That proves that TNK Travel has made considerable contributions to the tourism industry of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam in general. More greatly, the organization has strived to gradually spread the country’s charms all over the world by different moves, such as designing new itineraries to new destinations and improving current products & services as well.

Trinh Gia – Top 10 Tourist Transportation Companies 2017

All in all “Top 10 Inbound Tour Operators in HCM 2017” TNK Travel received from Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Festival is once more the mark of the company’s success in the journey to affirming our leading position among the inbound market. To have this good reputation, TNK Travel would really like to give a big thanks to people who have ever put their trust in what we do for them  when they stay in Vietnam. As a commitment, we will ensure our products & services always kept excellent or even more in the future to demonstrate that we totally deserve this merit.


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