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A cruise on the river give you a different view of the terrain; a lush and green spectacle with the melody of the river. While in Myanmar riverine cruise is an opportunity not to be missed since the river will take you to your destination in a comfort able . A cruise on a luxurious boat is memorable for both young and elder ly people. For those who like comfortable and leisurely tour, R.V Myaponnami (Emerald Moon) is at your services. This is Singapore -build boat with ultimate safety standard. The fare plus bed and boat is reasonable.


Day 1

Morning Cruise on Yangon River


8:15 AM: Boarding at Maw Tin Jetty

8:30 AM: Departure from Maw Tin Jetty

9:00 AM: Coffee / Tea + Snacks served on board

10:15 AM: Arrival at Botahtaung Jetty

Details of Cruise:

The great choice you did to experience the serene glimpse of this beautiful Yangon River and view activities on it in morning light. Sights the little-known Twente lighthouses situated at south end of Twante canal and feel the fresh morning breeze whilst witnessing the glamour of Shwe Dagon Pagoda from a distance with different perspectives. Though the short trip, it brings you prolonged memory of sweetness.

Sunset Cruise
Day 1

Sunset Cruise in Yangon River


4:15 PM Boarding at Botahtaung Jetty No.5

4:30 PM: Departure from Botahtaung Jetty

5:00 PM: Fruit punch served on board

6:15 PM: Arrive at Botahtaung Jetty

Details of Cruise:

Availability of you at this spot at sunset is the most remarkable. Enjoy the warm current of zephyr wafting you and leaving you with emotion during observation of various activities on Yangon River as sampans barely making way against strong Yangon River stream, seagulls hovering just above you, setting sun fading away and many more.

Twante Cruise
Day 1

Twante Cruise (07 Hours Trip)


08:30 AM: Boarding at Botahtaung Jetty

08:45 AM: Departure from Botahtaung Jetty

09:30 AM: Coffee / Tea + Snacks served on board

12:00 AM: Arrival at Twante Township

01:30 PM: Lunch onboard

03:30 PM: Arrival at Botahtaung Jetty

Details of Cruise:

The town of Twente is 158 miles from Yangon. According to the archicaeologal findings, Twente is small in size but large in the history of glazed earthen wears and pottery. You can study the making of glazed earthen wears and pots by the friendly local and take a romantic ride on trishaw or on a hackney- cab to the Shwesandaw Pagoda. It is a trip to get to know the culture and life style of the local people. What is more on a river line journey to Twente, you can see the episode of the fishermen's life and the contentment of the local people plus their outlook and belief of life. It is a within day, so the families of Yangon expatriates visit the site.

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