Just past kilometre 38 along the road to Pak Song is Tad Fane — a picturesque twin set of waterfalls spilling 200 metres down into a deep abyss.

The falls are located in the jungle of Dong Hua Sao, which is a National Biodiversity Conservation area. Overlooking the falls is a single resort, appropriately called the Tad Fane Resort

The falls are quite striking, but unlike others in the area, swimming opportunities aren’t available unless you take a half-day hike under the supervision of a guide — both the top and the bottom of the falls are a long haul from the resort through the jungle. 

For the casual visitor, pretty much all you can do is look at them. Half-day treks to the top of the falls can be booked here for US$5 per person (with two or more people), full-day treks including a visit to a local village and a coffee plantation cost US$10. These waterfalls are the more spectacular of the lot in this area. A restaurant serves up some decent meals from an English-language menu.


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