Located on Route 20, 14 kilometres from the intersection with Route 16, Uttayan Bajiang is an interesting stop on a day trip from Pakse or as part of a multiday loop. 

It’s a self-described nature resort which includes a waterfall, great restaurant which is extremely popular with groups, mock village complete with traditionally dressed people and some rudimentary unused lodgings.

The primary thing to see here is the Pha Suam Waterfall. The falls tumble quite powerfully over a 10-metre high cliff and end up in a river full of fish fed on bread from tourists.

Next to the waterfall is the restaurant, which does nicely for a drink and bite to eat.

Further around the other side of the ‘resort’ is the traditional village. It’s not very popular with most visitors to the falls mainly due to the creepiness factor. A handful of villagers sit under grass huts dressed in traditional clothing while weaving baskets. Some pose for photos and all are extremely humble, but it felt like a human zoo to us. Still, it’s worth zipping through to take a look at some of the museum items being displayed and perhaps even to have some genuine communication with some locals.


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