The first and fore most origin of the tea is found in the source of Ayeyarwaddy and spreading the surrounding areas, such as Myanmar Assam border areas, Naga Land, Manipur and Lashi ranges in the eastern parts of Myanmar. In the western parts, China, Northern plateaus of Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.
Some tea experts said the studying of the south east Asia teas, there is only the ancestors of Myanmar Northern tea origins. The species found in Myanmar were named as Camellia arrawadimis.

According to the technicians research statements, the practice of drinking plain tea and tea pasta are widely associated in the Myanmar social community since 2000 years, which is the customary adopted in Myanmar families.

In China we find the tea civilization is occurs since 5000 years. In Chines tribal language (Amoiy) it is called (TE) from which it descendant to tea. In Cantoness it is called (Cha) and in Hindi it is called (Chai).

In Myanmar Traditional saying of the tea is such as “ on flesh it is pork ,on fruit it is mango and on leave it is tea” which is the most delicious dishes. So in Myanmar culture the tea is one of the most important and influential in Myanmar families. Especially, Judicial affairs weeding ceremonies, other engagement affairs. During the periods of Myanmar Kings, the pickled tea is one of the Royal accessories and used in Royal ceremonies.

Now a days 90% of the Myanmar families used tea in different kinds in various ceremonies. Tea is one of the Major commodities being used by each and every home of Myanmar either as or pickled tea. Tea in processing mode as green tea, black tea and pickled tea. Green tea and pickled tea is used widely in Myanmar and black tea is mostly used in tea shops. Beside, it is served in almost every societies even on religion commodities as a farewell dish.

There are three species of teas. Assam, China and Indochina species.In Myanmar there is grown Assam and China species.

As our Myanmar tea cultivated at Northern parts of Myanmar, Shan state, Chin state, Kachin state and Saging Division and grown over 8000 feet above sea-level where there is cool and fair which is adequate for tea growing, good climate, and fertile land, we need not use fertilizers agents so as to produce the worlds up to date tea, that is Organic tea.


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