Visiting Fishermen Fishing Vessels

Walking around the bay I found really relaxing . The walkway by the bay has stairways in different places giving access to the beach..This enables one to get a great view of what is going on . I spent some time here walking along the beach looking at the fishing boats..The variation of the different boats is an interest and to watch the fishermen also was interesting. To watch the fisherman standing in the circular little boat was I’d thought a lot down to balance ..These particular style of boats I was to see in other parts of Vietnam as well . I imagine that the different syle of the baots were for different applications..crabbing , deep sea fishing ,etc.

I found the local fishermen very friendly to chat with and some of the catches for the day were impressive. One particular fisherman was very happy with his days work and it showed with exhuberance on his face. I couldn’t understand if it was an all night fishing trip or just an early morning one , but whatever, the contact with the locals for me was enjoyable.


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