Bitter Bamboo Shoots

Hoa Binh Bitter Bamboo Shoots

If people want to enjoy delicious bamboo shoots, they must choose bamboo sprout, then roasted them to shrivel. It can be used with salt, pepper, ginger, “mac khen”, garlic leaves and crushed garlic. When eating, we can feel the bitter taste of bamboo shoots, salty of salt, hot taste of chili…

Buffalo Cooked La Lom

Hoa Binh Buffalo Cooked La Lom

Buffalo is roasted and shaved hair then chopped into small pieces, stewed in clay pot. After that, people mix them with “la lom”, small rice and stew with buffalo. This is a popular national dish of the Muong, Hoa Binh province.

Hoa Binh Grilled Fish

Hoa Binh Grilled Fish

Some types of fish such as: Crucian carp, catfish, carp… are usually grilled. Before grilling, people often thrust one stick from mouth to stomach of fish and then grilled them. Grilled fish is put into the banana leaves.


Lac Village

Lag village is located in Mai Chau valley, Hoa Binh Province with unique traditions. Hoa Binh province is far about 70 kilometers from Hanoi; tourists must go 60 kilometers to Mai Chau. Lac village has 5 Thai ethnic: Ha, Lo, Mac, and Loc. According to the head of Lac village -Ha Cong Tim, Lac village has over 700 years old. Previously, the professions of the local people were rice planting and weaving brocade. Later, the hidden beauty of Lac village is explored by tourists.


Kim Boi Hot Spring

Kim Boi hot spring belongs to Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh Province. It is natural mineral hot spring and good for human health. Kim Boi mineral water is eligible for drinking, bathing, soaking and it can treat stomachache, blood pressure… With an area of 7 hectares, this is a rustic resort that is peaceful and exciting.


Hoa Tien Cave

Hoa Tien Cave is located in the back Bua Dam Mountain. From the foot of the mountain, tourists must go about 100 meters to the first entrance. Standing at the entrance, visitors will be surprised at magnificent scene. Hoa Tien Cave includes 2 doors: southeast door and south door. As soon as set food in the cave, visitors will see the beauty of the numerous stalactites, stone pillars reflecting lights as the stage.


Da Bac Cave

Da Bac belongs to Lien Son commune, Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province. This cave is the masterpiece of the Creator that has combination between sculpture and painting, spectacular and romantic views.

Gau Tao Festival in Hoa Binh

Gau Tao Festival in Hoa Binh

Gau Tao also means outdoor activities. Gau Tao is the traditional festival of the H’Mong held in alternate forms. Every year, the H’Mong chooses one family to hold the festival. It is a great honor of any family in the village.

Xen Muong Festival in Hoa Binh

Xen Muong Festival in Hoa Binh

Xen Muong festival is one of the biggest festivals in the Thai to commemorate the ancestors who established Muong. The festival prays for the Thai happy and lucky. The festival begins bringing trays from Tao Muong house to the temple. The village patriarch wears yellow silk and indigo trousers.



A small museum showcases war memorabilia, including an old French amphibious vehicle. It’s on Hwy 6, after the turnoff to Cu Chinh Lan.