Hoa Tien Cave is located in the back Bua Dam Mountain. From the foot of the mountain, tourists must go about 100 meters to the first entrance. Standing at the entrance, visitors will be surprised at magnificent scene. Hoa Tien Cave includes 2 doors: southeast door and south door. As soon as set food in the cave, visitors will see the beauty of the numerous stalactites, stone pillars reflecting lights as the stage.

The main cave has 61 meters length, 27 meters width. From the entrance, turn left about 500 meters, the cave is divided into 2 parts. When visitors enter the cave, they will encounter numerous stalactites. The blocks have interesting shapes. On the ceiling, we encounter soft stalactites look like bright yellow foot of dress.

The northern corner cave has 60 meters length, 12 meters width, separated from the main cave by a stone colonnade. Through this natural wall, tourists step into the heart of cave. The background of cave is rough by a series of rice terraces. At the first of corner, tourists encounter a small lake, which is starting point for a long sequence of small lakes forming terraces. Fresh and cool water under the light in the cave, tourists are overwhelmed by the spectacular beauty of this place. This space is quite with plenty of stalactites that have strange shape as a masterpiece of nature.

Southwest corner is towards outside the mountain. The background of cave is rough and wet formed by several large boulders. Under light, numerous stalactites and stone pillars with various shapes appear as created by talented handcraft. The stalactites like the soft silk blend into sophisticated architecture. There has high block, low block that create perfect picture converge both of architecture and arts painting. For many years, travelers know Hoa Tien Cave as an attractive address that they cannot omit.

After enjoying inside cave, visitors follow another path and sitting on the boat down to Hoa Binh, sight romantic lake, visitors will have the most interesting experience.


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