Gau Tao Festival in Hoa Binh

Gau Tao also means outdoor activities. Gau Tao is the traditional festival of the H’Mong held in alternate forms. Every year, the H’Mong chooses one family to hold the festival. It is a great honor of any family in the village.

The preparations for the festival are made throughout the year, in which, finding and erecting neu tree are the important thing. This tree is considered as the sacred plants of the H’mong, the signs of the festival, happiness and prosperity. Before beginning festival, the selected family must decorate beautifully. On the top of the tree, there have two pieces of cloth: black mixed with red.

At the festival, from the morning to evening, on the whole roads, each men and women come to the festival. Along with the soul of traditional instrument, the men make clear avowal of love for the girl. The colorful umbrella, attractive dance creates power of love.


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