Burmese Tea Shop Trend

Tea shops are an essential part in Burmese life and culture in this time. There are many tea shops in every street in Myanmar.  People use these tea shops for amusing and chatting besides drinking tea with a few amount of snacks.  There are always gathered customers in every tea shop dawn to twilight.

For acknowledgement, teashop is a modern tradition in South East Asia. And, Myanmar is not different to the other countries in SEA. Usually it seems that, sitting in a tea shop with friends is a great way to spend a couple of times. Some parents would like to forbid their child to do this activity in their study life, but it really helps to grow their mind as a socialize person.

Now it’s become popular day by day, and truly never ending business. Burmese people used to sitting in a tea shop for just meet each other and chatting. Besides this, people use teashop for exchanging news and sharing their daily experiences, meeting with friends and also for business purposes. If you feel alone, I just suggest you to sitting in a tea shop for hearing the latest news trend and make your mind cheerful.

The teashops in Myanmar is not as usual. You can possibly find the verity of their style but all of them are slightly noisy and overcrowded. Most of them are situated in the roadside area. Because, people can easily gather in this stall on their walk way. Small table and tools laid down for upcoming customers and you just need to sit down and ordered for the tea.

The most interesting matter is that, you can spend a lot of time with your friends but nobody won’t ask you for leaving the place. Usually, you may find here plain tea, green tea and milk tea with a few amount of local snacks. Famous snacks you can find here mohinga, coconut noodle, fried rice, spring roll, samosa etc. On top of that you can listen the newest albums before you buy it for yourself. If you feel to listen the other song, request option is available and the owner will be happy to play for you.  
Now a days, taking breakfast on a tea shop is a routine trend in Burmese people. More and more people gathered in a teashop for their first meal and this amount is increasing day by day.  If you really want to feel the real Burmese life with their culture don’t forget to visit in a tea shop for a wonderful experience that you never forget in your rest life.

TNK Travel Team


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