Myanmar Blogs

08 Jun

Lifetime Travel Experience in Yangon and Bagan

Travelling to any of these beautiful cities is made easy by TNK Travel as they specialize in receiving and taking care of their passengers who are desirous of visiting. They are professionals that provide cheap Myanmar tours for all their passengers and they have received good feedbacks from those that have previously travelled with them.
02 Jun

Learning the Inthar Life from River Cruise

The inhabitants of the Inle Lake are called Inthar. They live in four cities in the border of the Lake. These people live in different villages surrounding the Lake and the village of the Lake. The Lake is in the town of Nyaung Shwe. The dominant inhabitants of the Inle Lake are the Intha while there are host of others from the neighboring tribes from Danu, Bamar, Shan,Pa-O and Taungyo.
14 May

Trekking the Himalayas: the Essential Tips

The Himalayas is a 4,000 km crescent that stretches from the border of Kyrgyzstan to Burma. It has the highest mountains, a lot of wild forest and other great geographical features.With respect to the people and the populations, some parts of the region of Himalayas are scarcely populated while some of the people can be described as wild.
31 Mar

The Day Trips from Yagon

Another name for Yangon is Rangoon. Yangon is the former capital of Myanmar. It is one of the largest cities having the largest population of about five million people. It is also popularly known for its commercial relevance being the center of commerce in Burma which also affords day trips from Yangon, Myanmar. It was the military government in March that moves the capital city from Yangon to Naypyidaw.
28 Mar

Banga Temple Complex

Bagan is an ancient city that is located on the banks of the popular river of Irrawaddy which is found in the region of Mandalay also known as Burma. The city was once the capital of the old Pagan kingdom. Ti was the center of attraction and had reputation for its political and economic influence. A lot of temples were commissioned by the then affluent ruler who built different temples in the plains of Banga.
27 Mar

Sailing in Myeik Archipelago

The Myeik Archipelago is also known as Mergui Archipelago is located in the distant Southern Myanmar which is also near the Tanintharyi Region. It has above 800 islands that are of different sizes. The Islands are sometimes called the Pashu Islands as a result of the Malay residents which are called Pashu.
21 Mar

The Adventure Tour to Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda which is also known as the great Dagon Pagoda or the Golden Pagoda is a beautiful stupa which is located in Yangon of Myanmar a place known for adventure and tours. This pagoda which is 325 ft is located on a Singuttara Hill, west of Kandawgyi Lake.
18 Mar

The Different Road Networks to Mandalay

Mandalay, the last royal of Myanmar, is the second largest city of Burma. From the 2014 report, the city has a population of about 1,225,553. The city is located on the north side of Yangon and on the east side of the river Irrawaddy.
09 Mar

Pahtodawgyi Paya

The Pahtodawgyi Paya is a stupa monument in Mingun that was not completed. It is about 10 kilometers in the North-West area of Mandalay. The project was started by the king, Bodawpaya around 1790 and deliberately abandoned.
09 Mar

The Fortune of Tours in Mt. Popa

Mount Popa is a volcano that measures about 1518 meters above the sea level. This volcano is located in Myanmar at the heart of Burma which is towards the South-East of Bagan. The volcano is visible from river Irrawaddy when the weather is clear which affords a day tour in Myanmar. It is popularly known for pilgrimage housing a lot of NAT relics and temples on the mountain. The name is derived from the word “puppa” which literally means flower.

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