26 May

The Best Cambodia Island Cruises You Need

Are you searching online for the best Cambodia island cruises for your honeymoon? Do you want to make your spouse happy with best island cruises in Cambodia? You are welcome as TNK Travel is here to help you out with their unmatched island cruises packages.
16 May


When you are in south-east Asia, either visiting world famous party destination Bangkok, or bustling business center Shangai, Cambodia is a definite must-see. Reserve at least five days for enjoying in Cambodia, with inevitable Angkor trekking tour.
15 May

The Joy of Siem Reap Bird Watching Tour with TNK Travel

Of a truth, a tour to Cambodia for bird watching is a remarkable and lifetime experience you need not to miss. In fact if you have taken your tour to Cambodia but did not witness bird watching, you need to plan for another visit as your last tour was not completed.
20 Apr

Take Pleasure in Cheaper Package Tour Cambodia

If you are planning for your tour in Cambodia you need to know that that it is always arranged in three different categories. The first category is for well heeled tourists that can afford the luxury treat starting from the flight, accommodation to the tour, the second is for those that are on budget but still need something nice in their tour in this wonderful country and the 3rd category is for those that are on tight budget and still want to tour in Cambodia.
17 Apr

The joy of Sunrise Cycle to Angkor Experience

Do you enjoy cycling and think that you can ride bike to a longer distance? Are you planning to embark on sunrise cycle tour but do not know the right travel company to hire? You can go ahead and end your worries and borders as TNK Travel is readily available to offer well guided Sunrise Cycling to Angkor.
13 Apr

The Wonder of Angkor Trekking Tour You Need to Know

The city of Angkor was the capital city of formal Khmer and it is also one of the most famous and popular cities in the entire country. There are lots of sightseeing and amazing naturally beautiful features that made this city a must visit by all tourists. In fact, you can easily miss viewing most of the cultural and historical features if you are to tour the city with automobile.
11 Apr

Cambodia – extraordinary traveling experience

One of the greatest things in life that you can do is travel. Traveling will make your life exciting, richer and fun. There are so many wonderful places all around the planet. Those places are offering so much, and every place is a different and special story. Each story will change your life forever. One of the places you must visit definitely is Cambodia. Surrounded by Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, Cambodia is a true gem of that part of Asia.
06 Apr


Cambodia is country in south-east Asia, whose name means "Land of Khmers". It borders with Vietnam on east, Laos on north, Thailand on north-west, and has exit to sea on south-west in Thailand Gulf. Capital city is Phnom Penh, but Siem Reap is very popular among tourists, who often chose to enjoy in popular Siem Reap cycling tour, primarily for ancient temples that are located nearby.
03 Apr

TNK Offers a Great Variety of Tours to Explore Cambodia

Are you looking for cheap tour packages in Cambodia? In this case, TNK Travel is the perfect choice for you, as it offers a wide variety of tours, customized depending on some factors, such as the duration and the locations to visit. You will easily find a tour to suit your needs and your preferences for visiting Cambodia, as the tours are divided into more categories, to help you get a better insight of what every tour offers to you.
02 Apr

Why You Need Hidden Cambodia Adventure Tours

Are you looking to make your Cambodia adventure tour an experience further than the norm? If that is what you need, you are not to border anymore as TNK Travel is ready to bring that to pass. They are ready to offer you unparallel travel experience through their hidden Cambodia adventure tours round the entire Cambodia.

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