TNK Travel Wins “Top 10 Inbound Tour Operators in HCMC 2018” Award at Tourism Fair

At 7:00PM on 13 April, TNK Travel was truly honored to receive the award “Top 10 Inbound Tour Operators in HCM in 2018” and Trinh Gia Transportation Center – a branch of TNK Travel also brought back the same award of “Top 10 Tourist Transportation Companies 2018”. The greatest thing for TNK Travel Group is that the group honorably won a special award that is known as the merit of “TOP 10 AWARDS for 5 consecutive years” from Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee.


Hanoi, Vietnam – A peaceful city deserving to explore

While there are plenty of exciting new things to explore when you land in Vietnam, Hanoi is never out of an itinerary of the Vietnam trip for the richness in its history, culture, people, and lifestyle. Different from Ho Chi Minh City, another big city in Vietnam, Hanoi keeps a lighter color in the pace of development and appearance. It does not means a lack of full tourism services is found in Hanoi, but it seems to take you to the past of itself, where you will find out traditional cultures, old houses covered with mosses, long-lasting local businesses, and fascinating details about its history. Let’s take time to get sense of this peaceful city before making a trip there.


Something you should Know about Vietnamese New Year – Tet Holiday

Vietnamese New Year (Tet Holiday) is the most important festival of the year for all the local people. When the cool breeze of the winter is replaced by the warm sunlight of the spring, everyone seems to be excited about the advent of Tet Holiday. At that time, they feel an immense nostalgia, which leads them to wishfully come back to their homeland, say farewell to the previous year with their beloved family and celebrate a new one together, and taste the particular flavors of the Vietnamese festivities. All the best things are well prepared during this holiday since anyone wants to ensure that they will have a new year full of happiness, success, and prosperity. Now, get a better understanding of Tet Nguyen Dan in the North and South of Vietnam!


Top New Year Cultural Festivals in Northern Vietnam

If you are going to make a trip to Vietnam, then partaking in top New Year cultural festivals in Northern Vietnam is a meaningful and unforgettable activity. It is worth noting that festivals play an essential part in the life of the locals. Hence, attending festivals and visiting temples and pagodas after Tet holiday have become their unchanged traditions. While the S-shaped country has about 9,000 local and national festivals, the North of Vietnam is home to a huge number of traditional and cultural ones. In general, most of them are held in spring, meaning in the first month of the Lunar New Year. If you are a culture lover, then keep reading to know some notable festivals in the northern region of the country.


Why should you choose a cooking class in Saigon to try?

Be a Saigonese, I realize one thing that more and more people from other regions through Vietnam often flow to this metropolis for working, studying, and living. In the process of migration, they unintentionally bring some features in their culture, cuisine, and lifestyle to this urban area. That is the reason why Saigon is referred to as a land of multicultural concentration.


A new experience at Cu Chi Tunnels – Firing a Real Gun

Certainly, for the travel gurus who have ever paid a visit to Saigon, Vietnam, Cu Chi Tunnels are not strange to them anymore. Here is actually an ideal spot for your itinerary to get to know more about the history of Vietnam; not only that, it is also a chance to challenge yourself to a real shooting gun.


A Pleasant Boat Trip to the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Out of many surrounding places to explore when you visit Ho Chi Minh City, including Vung Tau, Cat Tien National Park, Da Lat City, Cao Dai Temple, and Phan Thiet City, the Mekong Delta is believed to be the best for a pleasant boat trip even probably lasting only one day. Ever wonder how the trip is and if there is anything good to draw you? While you are hungry for charms in culture and people of rural areas in Vietnam, the Delta reached by a boat trip never lets you down. Not only that, the trip is convenient and wonderful to take it; for instance, you can book such a tour right at your hotel, enjoy activities which are very close to the local life and understand more their culture.

Top weird Cafés to visit in Ho Chi Minh City

Top weird Cafés to visit in Ho Chi Minh City

Cafés are usually ideal places for nightlife experiences, but the weird ones are more exciting. When paying a visit to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, you definitely have more than one choice to try at night, such as drinking beer at the Saigon’s backpacker area, exploring street food, having dinner cruise on Saigon River, watching a puppet show, or simply going for a stroll in Nguyen Hue walking street. However, let’s come to top weird cafés for new feelings.


7 Amazing factors of Cu Chi Tunnels

Vietnam embraces countless historical sites to visit and learn about amazing and stimulating feature regarding the country’s history, and one of them is Cu Chi Tunnels on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. There are some things which will make you not believe and imagine during the Vietnam War. Let’s see!


Secrets behind Vietnamese Cuisine through ages

From the past until now, Vietnamese cuisine has kept unique features which are allegedly unchangeable. Apart from preserving traditional elements, the locals never refuse to approach the quintessence of cuisines in the globe whereby Vietnam is richer and richer in specialties. Let’s see what are secrets behind Vietnamese cuisine so that it can distinguish from the others all over the world.