avoid carrying too many clothing items and shoes which probably occupy the large space in your suitcase

Tips for a simple packing list to travel 

Travel to explore interesting things, striking scenes, and impressive culture of new lands is a crucial part of your life, isn’t it? Perhaps, one thing you typically feel tired of is the perspective in which you do not know what and how to pack while a stack of items are looking at you with “an imploring manner”. Let’s see tips for simple packing list to have a comfortable trip as you expect.

Bus station in Saigon

How to take a bus in Saigon

Making a day trip in Saigon, Vietnam, you are getting anxious about how to travel on public transport and especially how to take a bus in Saigon, aren’t you? Yes, the blog is possibly a good solution to your worry so far. Let’s see!

Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park Travel tips

Positioned approximately 150 kilometers to the east of the Saigon metropolis, Cat Tien National Park, Nam Cat Tien Commune, Tan Phu District, Dong Nai Province is nearly isolated from the residential area by Dong Nai River. If you are a nature-lover having a strong desire to explore the wildlife, the park is certainly an indispensable part in your journey in Vietnam as it is designated as a world Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. To penetrate into the forest, you must first buy a ticket right next to the big gate for crossing the river. The ticket price varies from VND20,000 to VND60,000 according to each specific kind of visitors. It is just the first step for your trip in the forest, so you are recommended to this Cat Tien National Park Travel Tips, which can help you mark special points in your journal of Vietnam trekking tour.

Reunification Palace

Top 5 Historic places in Saigon

One of the interesting things in the journey to explore a country is getting to know about its history, and when you are in Vietnam, historic places in Saigon are indeed striking and rewarding to visit as well as contribute to your great Saigon day trip. Let’s see!

Nha Trang Beach

When is the best time to travel to Nha Trang?

The best time to travel to Nha Trang is between June and August. Those months include a high temperature and humidity which can make you feel hotter and uncomfortable. Nha Trang and its great things surely bring you a wonderful paradise in those unpleasant days. If you are looking for a place to shirk the hot time and enjoy summer holiday with friends , why don’t you choose Nha Trang - the best Vietnam beach vacation.

churches in Ho Chi Minh City

Famous churches in Ho Chi Minh city

It is sure that the following list of famous churches in Ho Chi Minh City will be helpful when you are due to experience something solemn and peaceful among this bustling metropolis. Let’s include those places in your itinerary of a Saigon day trip!

Crocodile Lake

Top 6 things to do in Cat Tien national park, Vietnam

Cat Tien National Park, around 150 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, will be an awesome travel spot if you would like to learn more about the beauty of the wild nature. The followings are some things to do in Cat Tien National Park, helping you have a smooth Vietnam day trip to this land. Let’s see!


5 famous churches in Da Lat, Vietnam

During your Vietnam day trips, you are highly advised not to miss the following brilliant churches in Dalat. Apart from being the places for worship, those are absolutely perfect for sightseeing and relaxing. Let’s see!

How to get to Ha long Bay Vietnam

How to get to Ha long Bay Vietnam

What to eat in Moc Chau

What to eat in Moc Chau

Apart from splendid natural landscapes of the northwestern mountainous area, Moc Chau is also where you can find the charming beauty from innocent inhabitants’ traits here and their quintessential cuisine. Let’s see what to eat in Moc Chau and learn more about such the unique cuisine for your Vietnam package tours right now!