14 Mar

Enjoy Cheap Tour Packages in Cambodia

Planning to take a tour in Cambodia but do not have enough cash to make that a reality? Have you been searching for a travel company that will render perfect tour package to you at affordable and unbeatable rate? If these have been your needs and desire you are not to worry any more as this article is about to offer you information about how you can enjoy cheap tour packages in Cambodia.
14 Mar

Derive Perfect Joy in Cambodia Day Trips Siem Reap

Your travel to Cambodia will never be completed if you do not effectively explore the city of Siem Reap. That is why TNK Travel is ready to offer you best experience by providing opportunity for you to effectively explore every nooks and crannies of this amazing and wonderful city.
11 Mar

Contact TNK Travel for Your Siem Reap Cycling Tour

Are you planning to enjoy unforgettable morning riding experience to the amazing city of Siem Reap? TNK Travel is ready to make your experience wonderful and amazing without charging you huge amount of money for their service. They are ready to provide you with all the requirements you need to enjoy perfect and exciting morning riding experience to one of the most beautiful cities of Cambodia with enormous cultural and historical background.
06 Mar

An overview of Tours in Cambodia

Have you heard of Cambodia but do not really know much about it? You have to know that Cambodia is more than just Angkor wat which most people know it with. In fact, you have to know that Cambodia is not only all about temples and mountains as they are just but iceberg to the magnificent features available in this wonderful city.
05 Mar

Amazing Day Trips to Vietnam from Cambodia through TNK Travel

Are you longing to take your day trips to Vietnam from Cambodia? Do you want to enjoy the contrast between the two distinct countries? If your answer is yes then, you need to know more about TNK Travel as they are the right travel company that can render wonderful and satisfactory travel service to you. There are lots of wonderful destinations and wonderful sightseeing you will experience on your way to Vietnam from Cambodia.
14 Feb

A Synopsis of Cambodia Muslim tours

Are you a Muslim looking for the best location and destination for your tour? Do you want to contact the best travel company that incorporate perfect and honest Muslim tour in their service? Or you have searched without success? You are not to worry any longer as this article is about to offer you a synopsis on Cambodia Muslim tour.
12 Feb

A Look at Phnom Penh City Tour

Cambodia is one of the countries in Asia that have oodles of attractive features and wonderful sight-seeing. For that reason, there are always ton of tourists traveling to the country every year. So, if you are planning for your romantic tour with your spouse, holiday for perfect relaxation and others, you will never be disappointed when you make Cambodia your choice.
04 Feb

Sihanoukville Cambodia day trips

Sihanoukville is rich of history. If you want to find the beauty of Sihanoukville, you can join Sihanoukville Cambodia day trips from Phnom Penh.
30 Jan

Making the most out of a tour in Cambodia

TNK travel offers you the best rates and the most amazing packages that solve all your tour issues. We have been around for a long time and we understand the customers’ needs in and out. This is what makes us stand among the best players in the game and we guarantee total satisfaction to our clients. There is no better way to enjoy a tour in Cambodia other than through our agency.
27 Jan

Trekking tour in Cambodia

When sightseeing on foot is ordinary and cruising on boat is too much, why not having a healthy holiday trip by doing cycling or trekking across the country of Cambodia? A unique way to enjoy Cambodia is by going to the countryside, looking at the paddy field and breathing the fresh air with your group of people. What’s more, you can enjoy the beauty of sunset while sipping your mocktail during your rest time at the nearby temple.

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