Making the most out of a tour in Cambodia

TNK travel offers you the best rates and the most amazing packages that solve all your tour issues. We have been around for a long time and we understand the customers’ needs in and out. This is what makes us stand among the best players in the game and we guarantee total satisfaction to our clients. There is no better way to enjoy a tour in Cambodia other than through our agency.

River cruises

Cambodia river cruises are always so outstanding and there is much to see and do while on such cruises. Usually, such packages come with stop overs as we take you through some of the most scenic places on earth. Our cruises include:

  • Tonle sap cruise and sightseeing trip
  • Toum Tiuo cruise
  • Luxury cruise Phnom Penh up to Saigon

The cruises allow you a chance to see different destinations. There are those that cover countries such as Vietnam making it a true delight to experience one of these tours with us.

Mekong cruises


Mekong River is one of the most outstanding water bodies in Cambodia and it is here that we have created some of the most amazing cruises that you should select from. Usually, Cambodia Mekong cruises cover different areas. One of the most popular cruises is the Phnom Penh and Saigon along the river Mekong that usually covers 6 days. There are also the 8 day packages that you can choose. During such a cruise, you will be able to deeply appreciate Vietnam as well as Cambodia. The main sights are covered by this packages and this includes the royal palace. We usually use an express boat for some of the packages and before you know it, you are visiting all this amazing places you may have only heard about. There are lots of charming villages that help you see the way of life of the locals.

Island cruises

The river cruises usually end up in a variety of destinations. Cambodia island cruises are just amazing since you are able to visit the various islands that are in this area. There are some islands that re remote and these too can be accessed by making good use of our packages. Cambodia has some of the finest islands and by choosing us as a travel age not, you are saying yes to an amazing time especially if you are a person who really enjoys different experiences. You can be able to enjoy such cruises in luxury or in a budget set up. There is much to look forward to when you choose to travel with us.

Day trips

A tour is never complete without day trips. We offer many of this and you can choose the one you feel is the best. Most of our day trips cover a day and we usually make sure that you will have all the major highlights covered. There are so many place that you can visit in a day trip. Cambodia day trips Siem Reap are always amazing when you choose TMK travel. We have some of the most amazing tour guides to help you during this day trips and they are well versed with the surroundings meaning that they are in position to answer all the questions that you may have for them. It is always a delightful moment with them. There are monuments to cover as well as many other areas of interest. Bird watching is yet another amazing part of the whole experience.


Day trip in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh day trip in Cambodia is a great idea especially for a person who loves different sites. This is the capital of Cambodia and there is no limit to the highlights that you should look forward to in this city. The city is totally dynamic and there are many areas to visit. These include:

  • Russian market
  • Killing fields,
  • Toul Sleng museum
  • Wat Phnom
  • The national museum
  • Royal palace

All the above are areas of great interest that are a source of great admiration. There is a lot to learn about the history of Cambodia.

The verdict

At TNK travel, we are able to offer a holistic kind of perspective of tours in Cambodia and travelling with us will ensure that you make the most out of your tour. Holidays are made to be enjoyed and with this, there should be some variety of some sorts. Feel free to explore the different options that this amazing country has to offer and there is no better person to help you with it other than us.

We have so many packages on offer ensuring that you are able to have the best value for money and that this tour will be one you will want to take again and again. With our experience in the field and the best staff at our disposal, there is no limit to the tour experience that we are able to offer the discerning tourists. We also work with the best resorts and hotels to make your experience an unforgettable one.

Source: TNK Travel


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