Sihanoukville Cambodia day trips

Sihanoukville is rich of history. If you want to find the beauty of Sihanoukville, you can join Sihanoukville Cambodia day trips from Phnom Penh.

The story behind Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville monk

It was 50 years ago since the French invaded the country. They camped out in the jungle and then built new port in the deep sea. The port becomes popular today as the golden beaches attract tourists. After the reign of Pol Pot, the beach was emptied leaving a beautiful exotic beach untouchable.

After a few years ahead, the housing and independence hotels began to rise. Before that, many of backpackers found their way to this paradise. Not much of guidebooks that would show you but after several years, the unknown paradise becomes popular up till today. Many expats build their kingdom as resorts, pubs and bars. This trendsetting golden beach beats Hawaii for sure. In Asia, it is one of the hippest and perhaps cleanest public beaches.

By public bus

Travelling by bus is one of the easiest way. You can take Mekong Express or GST Express that takes normaly 3 hours. The cost is cheap for around $4. The higher the quality of the bus, the more expensive it is. You can take the air con bus because it is also affordable. If you don’t know where to get tickets, you can book it from reliable travel agencies in Cambodia. Here you will start your journey from Central Market. The modern market is where the cheap goods are sold in budget friendly tag. You can wait for your bus there while looking for souvenirs. There are also guest houses nearby so you don’t have to worry in case you arrive late.

If you take Mey Hong bus, the seats consist of 14 passengers. This minibus transport is often hired privately by those who travel in group. Many tourists however, plan their schedule upon arrival. The ticket costs around $10 per person.

By plane

If you travel by plane, you can reach Sihanoukville airport that’s located about 17 km. The National Park is near this area and you can take Cambodia Angkor Air that flies from siem Reap. The flights are not daily so it should be around 3 times a week.

You can also hire helicopter for vip ride. The private tour will start from Sokha resort and also Siem Reap – depends on where you start your journey. The modern French made Helicopter has the seat of 5, the pilots are licensed and fully aware of the surrounding areas. It takes not more than 50 minutes approximately to land on the area.

By Taxi

If taking public transportation seems like a hassle to you, you can try to charter taxi from the central market. It takes more expensive like almost $40 per route but it will take you less than 3 hours to arrive at Sihanoukville. Taxi’s vehicles are also clean and the drivers are friendly so there is no need to worry about. It gives you comfort for sure. But if you are not sure about taking taxi, you can consult with travel agent about the best way to travel or see if they know taxi drivers who can take you there.

By cruise

The cruise by boat is daily. You can take it from Koh Kong. It costs $20 according to how you deal with the boat owner. This feature is very famous in the city and the cost is per visit.

Where to go

Now that you arrive on place, there are lists of beaches you can visit.

Victory beach

–          This owns commercial places with accommodations from small to high budgets. It is close to Weather Station Hill so commuting from here to there would be easy.

 7 Chann beach

–          Formerly known as the Independence beach, the beach takes place in front of the independence hotel.

Sokha beach

Sokha beach

–          It is a private owned resort with private beach. But getting inside won’t be such a pain since you can pay a few bucks to enter without sleeping in one of the room.


–          Serendipity beach is one of the best beach in town. There are bars and restaurants selling foods and local cuisines. It is connected to another beach so the long walk will actually lead you to another destination. As one of the popular site, it has more people visiting the area day and night. If you love a bit crowdy place, then Serendipity beach is where you should be heading.

Serendipity Beach Sihanoukville

Beware of the crime since many of the tourists found that they have lost their belonging due to the pickpocket activities. Hence, when you see suspicious teens walking around you, you should be very careful with your bags.

Source: TNK Travel 


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