Pahtodawgyi Paya

The Pahtodawgyi Paya is a stupa monument in Mingun that was not completed. It is about 10 kilometers in the North-West area of Mandalay. The project was started by the king, Bodawpaya around 1790 and deliberately abandoned.

 Reason for the incompletion of Pahtodawgyi Paya

The king, Bodawpaya that initiated the construction of the stupa used the slaves he caught and captured from his campaign of expansions. A prophecy by an astrologer was created allegedly to stop the project because it was believed that the construction was having a heavy toll on the people as well as the state. As a form of minor allegation, a conspiracy was formed which led to the prophecy that the completion of that stupa will result in the death of the king. The king, who was not ready to die, consented and the project was stopped. Even after his death, the project was not completed. Till the present time, the project was not visited for reconstruction or completion as the people are still scared that it might lead to the death of the reigning king.

The Pahtodawgyi Paya

The present state of Pahtodawgyi Paya

The stupa was stopped at the 50 meters height, a one third level of the actual estimated height. The earthquake of 23rd March, 1839 left the monument with a crack that is visible at the front of the incomplete structure. Despite the ultimate intention of making it a temple, it has performed more function of tourist attraction than its original purpose. The monument still has an element of Buddha worship, meditation and devotion in the small shrine that has Buddha’s image. The abandonment is actually a blessing in disguise as the number of tourists visiting the place for the Myanmar Adventure Tours are actually more than the number of people going there for the performance of spiritual rites.

taxi a mandalay

Pahtodawgyi Paya and the Mingun bell

The king designed a bell alongside the incomplete stupa. This bell was to be used with the stupa. It is called the Mingun Bell. This bell weighs about 90 tons. From records, it is the second-largest-ringing bell in the world. This bell can be accessed by travelling through ferry in Irrawaddy River from Mandalay and by a cart from the river. There is no one who went for the Myanmar Adventure Tours did not check the Mingun bell for curiosity. A bell that is described as the second largest ringing bell is more than enough to attract attention to itself. The location of the stupa also has great advantage. Since a lot of tourists visit the Irrawaddy River which is not far for the stupa, a lot of people will seize the opportunity.

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