The Different Road Networks to Mandalay

Mandalay, the last royal of Myanmar, is the second largest city of Burma. From the 2014 report, the city has a population of about 1,225,553. The city is located on the north side of Yangon and on the east side of the river Irrawaddy.

The strategic location of Mandalay in central Burma affords it a relevant hub for transport of goods and people. It has connection with other parts of the country such as India and China through different means of transportation which include road, air, water and rail.

The road of Mandalay is central to Burma’s normal road axis as it is at the heart of Burma. The road networks are in three different categories:

  • The western Burma and India which is Mandalay-Sagaing-Monywa-Kalewa-Tamu Road Network
  • The lower Burma which is Yangon-Mandalay-AHI Road Network
  • The upper Burma and China which is direct to Mandalay-Tagaung-Bhamo-Myitkyina, Mandalay- Mogok-SiU-Bhamo, Mandalay-Lashio-Muse Road Networks

Most of these road networks are in bad shape and condition. The roads are mostly one lane route.

Mandalay – Bhamo – Bagan

Old royal city wall mandalay

The journey through this route affords an unforgettable Myanmar luxury cruises that is memorable. This entails exploring Myanmar by cruising from Mandalay to Bhamo and then ending it at the land of temple complexes, Bagan. While enjoying the ride from Mandalay to Bagan, you cannot forget the beautiful sites of the environment and the people around.

Mandalay – Bagan – Mandalay

Bagan Mandalay

You can enjoy your luxury cruises in Myanmar by taking your journey from the cultural capital of Myanmar which Mandalay then to Bagan. You will be amazed at the site between Mandalay and Bagan alone. A lot of things are seen in the process of the journey and when you arrive at the historical land of temples, Banga. From Bagan, you head back to Mandalay to continue with the bliss and fun filled ride. It’s such a beautiful experience taking the same twice and discovering new things.

Bagan – Mandalay


The beautiful architectural designs and the temples are enough experience on this route. This road network is shorter than all other rotes but a lot to learn to make you wonder. As a result of its direct stretch of journey, you will wonder if Myanmar is made for only luxury cruises.  Here, you will not only explore the beautiful pagodas at Banga, but also see Mingun, the land of bell ringing.

Driving on any of the road network in Mandalay is always fun filled. This is because the land of Burma is blessed with lots of things and full of lots of tourist attraction. There is no dull moment in Myanmar luxury cruises as you are bound to get the best no matter how short the distance of ride.

TNK Travel provide you with all necessary comfort and expert advice while on the Myanmar luxury cruise. They know most of these road networks and some recent ones that are under development and government approval. They have given a lot of their clients, real satisfaction with positive feedbacks and they are ready to give you the best.

 Source: TNK Travel


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