The Fortune of Tours in Mt. Popa

Mount Popa is a volcano that measures about 1518 meters above the sea level. This volcano is located in Myanmar at the heart of Burma which is towards the South-East of Bagan. The volcano is visible from river Irrawaddy when the weather is clear which affords a day tour in Myanmar. It is popularly known for pilgrimage housing a lot of NAT relics and temples on the mountain. The name is derived from the word “puppa” which literally means flower.

The Legend and the History of Mount Popa

The mountain erupted from the ground around 442 B.C. It is commonly known to be the abode of the most powerful Nats of Burma which is invariably considered the most powerful center of worship. As part of Nats’ worship, a lot of animals are sacrificed here for rituals. In this regard, it is commonly referred to as Mount Olympus of Burma. There is another popular legend that the mountain was created from a powerful earthquake. There is also another legend of a sister and brother Mahagiri Nats who came from Tagaung kingdom of the Irrawaddy. They sought for refuge from one of the kings of Burma, king Thinligyaung between 344 and 387 B.C. Their request was granted which resulted in both being enshrined on the mountain which is suitable for day tours in Myanmar.

Bagan in moring

There is another legend that tells how the Royal mother of Popa who flower-eat ogress called one Me Wunna, who lives at Popa. Byatta, who was also royally responsible for gathering flower for the king of Popa, fell in love with her. As a result of his disobedient to the king, he was executed which led to their children being taken to the king. The death of Byatta caused MeWunna a lot of heartache leading to her death. She became a Nat. the children also were executed for disobeying the king and they became also became Nats which led to an annual festival in favor of day tours in Myanmar.

Bagan moring

The Recent Development of Mount Popa

Mount Popa has become a national park and designated as a nature reserve. There are close reservoirs that supply enough water for the orchards and gardens that regularly produce mango, jackfruit, papaya and banana. There is a myth associated with the mountain on getting victory. It is commonly believed that victory is guaranteed to anyone who visits the mountain. This signifies the importance of the cultural belief of the people as they rely on ancient culture and tradition till this present time. This ancient culture and tradition is dominant in their daily activity and actions. The traditional belief of prosperity and victory associated with the mountain is evident in how people travel from far and near to try out the possibility of these traditional beliefs on them which has led to increased day tours in Myanmar.

There is also an annual festival that is performed on the top of the mountain which involves a transgender avenue being possessed by the spirit of Nat that help him to interact between the people and the spirit. This festival is one of the causes of day tours in Myanmar.

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