Essential Tips on Kayak Adventure in the Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea is an Indian Ocean. It is a body of water found towards the South-East of Bengal Bay in Burma, Myanmar. The Andaman Sea is locally used for transportation of goods, tourism and fishery. Transportation is between the coral reefs and coastal countries. The Island of Andaman Sea is known for tourists’ attraction. The tsunami and earthquake that affected the Indian Sea in 2004 is known to have damaged some of the tourist and fishery equipments. Notwithstanding, the sea is still thriving in fishery and Myanmar kayaking till date.

Essential Tips on Kayak Adventure

The following tips will be of help when you are planning on Myanmar Kayaking:

  • Planning and preparation. There is need for you to plan adequately before setting out on kayak adventure. The fact that friends and family members are going for kayaking does not mean you can jump up and follow them. You must plan it and prepare well. If it is a family adventure, the each member should be well considered and well prepared for. This includes water, clothes, food and a sound mind.

Andaman Sea

  • Water course. Except you have exposed and used to similar experience in the past, kayak adventure is not what one decides to do within a day. The desire to go for Myanmar kayaking should follow a decisive water course and training where some safety measures will be taught.
  • The need for life jacket. Life jacket is very essential when going for kayak adventure. This is necessary because once in a while the kayak may capsize and you will be left with no option but to swim. This is where life jacket comes in as it keeps you afloat. No matter how experienced you are in swimming, get life jackets for Myanmar kayaking.
  • Understand the road. There may be commercial and heavy ferries plying the same route as you are kayaking, never allow self confidence or over confidence to take over your mind as you will need a stern. The maps are very important here and should not be kept too far away for easy checks every now and then to prevent disasters.
  • Myanmar Kayaking
  • A guide. With travel agents and companies like TNK Travel, you don’t need to worry. They’ll put you through the necessary precautions and give you the best cruise you can ever imagine in Myanmar kayaking. With them you have little or nothing to worry about as they take charge of the road and map for you by handling any challenge while you enjoy the fun.
  • Cold water. Cold water can so unhealthy and dangerous for you that there is for adequate protection. Necessary equipment and wears should be put in place.
  • Weight and load. Since most kayaks are large enough to take heavy loads, you should not be tempted in parking excess load to the detriment of your life. Loads should be evenly distributed to avoid the kayak tilting to one side or a situation where loads are all scattered in the water.

There are lots of things to consider before Myanmar kayaking but the above tips will serve just fine.

Source: TNK Travel


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