Kalaw to Inle Lake: Tips on Soft Trekking

It is an awesome and lasting experience walking from kalaw to Inle Lake, a land of new adventure for tourists and all visitors. As much as people fear to walk around country side in the cities, the trekking in Myanmar is worth it because new things are learnt from the inhabitants by discussing with them and perhaps learning one or two things about their language. They are used to having visitors come to that part of the world and you will be so surprised how the will respond to you. The roads are a combination of flat, hilly, rough and smooth categories but there lots of things to learn from the trekking in Myanmar. The following are some of the experiences you will get by trekking in this part of Myanmar:

  • You will walk through farmlands. Life is synonymous with new experiences which are acquired from daring and venturing out. Many people have not walked through a farmland land before. This will provide a new and awesome experience.

Golden Rock, Kyaiktiyo

  • There are few up hills and rough as you trek along. Life itself isn’t all bed of roses and silver spoon experience. Rather, it is a mix of good and bad, joy and sadness and so on. Same thing is applicable here. While trekking in Myanmar, from Kalaw to Inle Lake, the road isn’t smooth all through. You will walk on both flat surface, climb some hills which are very good forms of exercise and then scale through the rough parts of the road.
  • There are different routes that lead from Kalaw to Inle Lake. There two days one night route and there is three days two nights route. The shorter route of two days one night is more preferable than the longer one which is three days two nights.
  • Take enough water for the trekking in Myanmar, Kalaw to Inle Lake. If the water with you is finished you can easily get to buy along the way. The essence of the getting enough water is due the dehydration that is experience by all human beings walking under the sun. The nights will definitely be cooler leading to little or no consumption during the night journey.

Inle Lake

  • The most important thing is to get a reliable guide who can assist you and take you through the trekking in Myanmar, as no individual person can take the risk alone. One of such guides is TNK Travel. They have helped a lot of their clients and the past are readily available to assist you through the new experience.
  • One of the challenges that a tourist or visitor can encounter on this trek is lack of preparation and proper guidance. Putting on the wrong attire can make the experience a bit on the other side. Since the trek lasts for the maximum of three days, it is not advisable to carry too much loads that can weigh you down or make you very weak and tired.
  • Let an umbrella be available for the exercise as this will be helpful under the hot sun

 Source: TNK Travel


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