Inle Lake: the Land of Soft Adventure

The Inle Lake is a freshwater Lake situated in the town of Nyaungshwe which is part of Shan Hills in Burma. It is one of the highest and largest lakes in Burma. The height of the water decreases during the dry season only to increase when the rains begin to fall. The most important and significant part of the lake is the north and the west of it. While the rains drains through Balu Chaung at the south side, the North West is notable for its hot spring making it one of Myanmar adventure tours.

As small as the lake is, it harbours some endemic species that are uncommon all over the world. The species include nine species of fish and about twenty different species of snails.

Burma Market

The People and the Culture of Inhabitants of the Inle Lake

The inhabitants are called Intha living in four cities in the border of the Lake. These people live in different villages surrounding the Lake and the village of the Lake. The Lake is in the town of Nyaung Shwe. The dominant inhabitants are the Intha while there are host oof other from the neibouring tribes from Danu, Bamar, Shan,Pa-O and Taungyo. While their major occupation is subsistence type of farming, they are Buddhists devotees. They live in simple houses made of woven bamboo and wood. Their common means of transportation is boats since they live within and around the lake. The style of rowing the boat with one leg and wrapping the other leg around the oar is instrumental forvarious Myanmar adventure tours.

L'U Bein Bridge

The Environmental challenges of the Lake

The lake is going through some difficult situations like negative environmental challenges as a result of the rapid growth and increased population. The effect of this is the decrease of water level due to over use by so many people. The overcrowding and farming on the hills have reduced the quality of nutrient that helps to keep the lake going. The floating garden which results from farming practices and poor agricultural practices have given birth to pollution and sedimentation. There has been concern for untreated sewages from inhabitants around the lake. There is noise pollution that is affecting the serenity of the lake.

Hpaung Daw U Festival

Inle Lake and Tourism

The most appropriate time to visit this region is September and October popularly known for  Myanmar adventure toursThis is because it is the period of the year when Hpaung Daw U Festival is celebrated. This celebration lasts for about three weeks usually followed by another festival called Thadingyut, a festival of lights. The inhabitants of the Inle Lake are dressed in their best attire to celebrate the lent of Buddhist. This festive period is characterized with traditional boat racing as well many leg rowers are usually dressed in Shan type of dresses. Visiting this Myanmar adventure tours at this period can be possible by consulting TNK Travel for necessary guidelines and instructions as they are familiar with this place and will ensure you are booked for the right flight to catch the fun.


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