Myanmar Blogs

27 May

Ancient Time of Bagan

Bagan is an ancient archeological city of central Myanmar located in Mandalay region. Early architectural designs, religious monuments, paintings, precious murals and stone engravings define its cultural and social horizon. The famous Italian merchant traveler Marco Polo termed Bagan as a "gilded city alive with tinkling bells and the swishing sounds of monks' robes". The history of Bagan reveals that it was founded in 9th century and it served as the capital city of the Kingdom of Pagan from 11th to 13th century.
20 May

Legendary City Bago

“Bago” formerly known as Pegu is one of the well-known cities in Myanmar. As the legendary tale, two Mon princesses from Thaton Kingdom founded this area and make a city. It is situated at the least in the southern part of Myanmar.
23 Jan

Twenty Seventh Southeast Asian Game

It’s time for the 27th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) and as identified before the event will take place in Myanmar officially from 11 to 22 December 2013.
21 Jan

A Morning Visit to a Wet market in Yangon

When you are in Asia, you will realize importance of Wet Market and its tradition. Same story for Myanmar, Wet Market is also one of the must stops to fulfill of your truly trip adventure and you will lobe to capture the colorful places with full of activity.
20 Jan

Myanmar Food Delight

Mostly people do not usually think of Myanmar or Burma as a foodie destination, Myanmar is a land of smile filled with frankly food and sincere people. Myanmar cuisine is also deeply influenced by Indian spices and flavors, mixed with Chinese culinary custom.
10 Jan

Thanakha – A Gift From Aphrodite

Ultimately “Thanakha” is everyday cosmetic for Myanmar women for over two thousand years, so truly its traditional make up for Burmese people as an important part of daily life, especially for women.
09 Jan

Myanmar & its Famous Places

Myanmar is the most beautiful country in the Southeast Asia and the world also. It is a precious country which not only preserves its ancient value but also preserves the natural value. The country has a rich devout value and traditional Buddhism is practiced mainly. The environment is calm and quiet and free from spoiling matter at most places. Though, it is separated from the rest of the world for decades but now the country opens her door for international tourist and the treasure of the country is waiting for discovering.
29 Nov

Mesmerizing Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma and officially as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is a Southeast Asian country nestled between Bangladesh, India, Laos, Thailand, and China. This country is the second largest in the region, and was home to some of the earliest civilizations in Southeast Asia.
29 Nov

Preparing for Myanmar

Make sure to remember these tips before you plan your Burmese adventure. Ah, Myanmar. One of the biggest countries in the Asian continent, with thousands of years of history as one of the centers of civilization in Southeast Asia. However, political and social problems have rocked Myanmar in the last ...
28 Nov

Exploring Yangon

Located in the Yangon Region, Yangon is the former capital city of Myanmar. With its over five million residents and over 230 square miles of total area, it is still the largest city in the country. Yangon is one of the most important cities in Myanmar, with many tourists opting to explore the area before ...

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