A Morning Visit to a Wet market in Yangon

A wide choice of wet market places is available around Myanmar. Every places offers similar taste, but unique shopping tradition which I learned from a local friend.  Traditionally this kind of places in Myanmar is open-air markets often positioned on the road side of big streets or the joint point of small streets corner. With the help from the reception of the hotel I am staying, I got a chance to visit a market located near Yangon International Airport. The kitchen helper was volunteered me to visit with him together which is absolutely good for me.

Market in Yangon

The markets themselves are wonderful to catch up the frequent lifestyle of local people. The mainstreams of local residents don’t like to keep food in refrigerator too long and they expect the products in wet markets are likely fresher than the supermarket or convenient store. For those who unpleasant with a certain smelly thing which used to found in almost all wet market, I’d like to suggest wearing the surgical mask, also known as mouth mask would be perfect idea. I spray a single drop of perfume fragrance on it and the odor issue was gone!

Market in Yangon

As it was seven in the morning, I witness the vendors, shoppers and general workers and how they are dealing each other. The display of each shop is depending on the seller, mostly a certain portion in the stainless steel plate is prepared ready with the set price and it’s intended for a family of three in generally. The price is varying from $1 per plate to $7 per serving as far as I noticed and the seller who prepared like this can get more sales than the vendor who just pile the stuffs in front of them.

Market in Yangon

After passing a while I recognize most of the shops are positioning right just in front of somebody’s houses.  I was wondering and asking around if there are some quite concerns or not. A local young boy who selling the dry shrimp said mostly they understand each other and this market existing just only in the morning. It’s not disturbing the house owners too much, he added.

All the local shoppers are greetings each other with very big smiles and exchanging the idea of what they should cook for today. When the kitchen helper boy asked me what I wanted to have for lunch, I pointed out a fish that attracted me so much and it looked really fresh. Just standing in front of a shop, we can buy meat, fish and vegetable… almost everything, that’s why the shops that selling different items are set up next to each other, I didn’t get this point before until we bought something. The seller chopped the fish into five pieces and put in the plastic bag. It cost me $1.2 for the whole fish and another 25 cent for vegetable. On the way back, we bought a Myanmar sweet snack with 25cent as well. After the hotel charged me $2 for their service, my lunch cost me around $4, and I had a nice meal with fish soup, fried vegetable in garlic served with steamed rice and a typical Burmese sweet.

Market in Yangon

And what else, I had a great wet market experiences and some good friendship with local which can’t replace with other things. It’s really pleasure for me to recommend visiting Wet Market in Myanmar!

TNK Travel Team


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