Myanmar Food Delight

Even though rice is the most influence meal for all occasions, there are some choices of food on your taste base on the time of your meal. Probably people here eat whatever meal they want. They can eat fried chicken with rice for breakfast, noodles soup for lunch and salad or just a watermelon for dinner, or the opposite way around.

Ee Char Kwai

Breakfast is the most important for Myanmar people regardless of their living standard as it’s the meal before they go off for work. Most popular breakfasts for local are consist of Ee Char Kwai, Nan Pyar , Noodle or Mixed Salad. For traveler who visits Myanmar at least should try these 3 things in your breakfast, at least one once for your food adventure.

Noodle Mixed Salad

Myanmar people love to have the meal with group, mostly Lunch time they are eating together at offices or at schools with their prepared lunch boxes from home. If you are in downtown or any tourist place on your own, don’t hesitate to ask any local where is “Hta Min Sine” which means where is the restaurant? Most local restaurants in Myanmar cooked already for fast serve; steamed rice is complimentary. You have to choose a curry/dish before you sit at the table and there will be some side dishes with seasonal clear soup along with the main dish you have ordered.

Nan Pyar

Dinner is also a prime meal for Burmese people which is the meal enjoying together with the family and the people love to dine out! Depend on the household income, dinner places are different. Along the streets you could see grilled foods and some fried food at night. Grill fish (local name Malar Nkar) is so popular and delicious. The taste is just right perfect and the cost is around $3 for the whole fish.

Myanmar food

For all days from morning till midnight, one traditional food is available in almost all places is Moh Hin Gar – rice noodle with bean & fish soup. This is No. 1 traditional food and everybody in Myanmar loves it. Its creamy fish soup with chickpea powder: served with thin rice noodle, a boiled egg and crispy cracker on top.

Malar Nkar

Aside from meals, Burmese people love “snacks” especially “crunchy crispy” in their evening time with family or friends or even alone. Evening markets are popular in the days and can be founded almost all townships. In the markets you can find amazing diversity of native foods which made from rice powder mostly. Native rice cakes which comes in several shapes and sizes. There is also fried sticky rice roll and eat with palm sugar syrup, be careful as 110% sweet if you are not sweet palate.

Myanmar foods

Alternatively you also can refresh yourself with a cup of milk tea or a cup of coffee. Almost all corners of the streets have tea shops; imagine the shops with small plastic chairs without arms with wooden table on top a tea pot or a flask can be found. Mostly the foods and drinks are not expensive, around 50 cent per plate and a tea or coffee is 25 cent, in some places charge around 40 cent – still acceptable.  As this kind of shops is everywhere and fit for every standard of lifestyle. Almost all men, young or not, use to go to a tea shop at least once a day. If you are really looking to make a friend with local, this is the best place where you can start your friendship!

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