Exploring Yangon

Shwedagon pagoda

See the Shwedagon Pagoda:  Also known as the Golden Pagoda or the Great Dagon Pagoda, the Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the most important religious structures in Myanmar – in fact, it is the most sacred pagoda for the Buddhist Burmese. The pagoda is home to the relics of the past four Buddhas, as well as strands of Gautama’s (the historical Buddha) hair.


Find some urban adventures: Spontaneous adventures can be a bit difficult to come by in Myanmar, what with its many restrictions on foreigners. However, you can always find your own fun (yet kosher) adventures right in the city.  Do you need a ride? Run after one of the vintage Chevrolet buses and hop in while the vehicle is still in motion. You do not really have to break the law to get your adrenaline pumping – but you might have to break some bones if your balance and timing is off.

Explore the Chinese and Indian Quarters: Myanmar is home to several ethnicities, and has a good number of Chinese and Indian residents. The Chinese and Indian Quarters in Yangon can be a bit loud and hectic, but there are plenty of experiences to be had. Just make sure that you wear shoes or easily washable sandals – some locals tend to spit out the betel nuts that they have been chewing.

People watch in a watering hole: Settle down in one of the hidden watering holes and pubs in the city and enjoy an ice-cold bottle of Myanmar Beer. These places are best for watching the locals interact with each other, or watching them watch you. The 19th Street is home to some interesting places to have a drink in.

Meet locals: The Burmese are very friendly, and your new friends can help point you to the hidden yet infinitely more interesting parts of their city.


Get on the train: Yangon residents rely on the Circle Line, which takes its passengers through the city’s suburbs and outskirts. The train can be a bit older than the ultra-modern ones in other parts of Asia, but it is always nice to get on board a train and watch the scenery flash before you. if you have a bit of time in your hands, just alight at a random station and discover something new.

Climb a tower: But not just any tower – make sure to head over to the highest floor of the Sakura Tower, where you can have a dramatic bird’s eye view of Yangon. Marvel at the unusual views of the majestic temples, pagodas, and stupas, which co-exist with modern structures, paved streets, and millions of other Yangon residents.

TNK Travel Team


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