Myanmar Blogs

03 Mar

Essential Tips on Kayak Adventure in the Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea is an Indian Ocean. It is a body of water found towards the South-East of Bengal Bay in Burma, Myanmar. The Andaman Sea is locally used for transportation of goods, tourism and fishery. Transportation is between the coral reefs and coastal countries. The Island of Andaman Sea is known for tourists’ attraction.
28 Feb

Kalaw to Inle Lake: Tips on Soft Trekking

It is an awesome and lasting experience walking from kalaw to Inle Lake, a land of new adventure for tourists and all visitors. As much as people fear to walk around country side in the cities, the trekking in Myanmar is worth it because new things are learnt from the inhabitants by discussing with them and perhaps learning one or two things about their language.
26 Feb

Inle Lake: the Land of Soft Adventure

The Inle Lake is a freshwater Lake situated in the town of Nyaungshwe which is part of Shan Hills in Burma. It is one of the highest and largest lakes in Burma. The height of the water decreases during the dry season only to increase when the rains begin to fall.
09 Feb

Mandalay – Yagon: the Delight Myanmar Tours

Mandalay is one of the cities in Myanmar that has great history and attracts a lot of visitors and tourists to itself. It is located between Shan state and its historical river of Irrawaddy. As a result of its central location in the country, it has become one of the pillars of its economic growth and achievements. The unique thing about this city is the transport system.
05 Feb

The Awesome Tour to Golden Rock, Kyaiktiyo

The golden rock is also popularly called Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. It is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanmar which offers a lot of Myanmar tours packages located in Mon State of the region of Myanmar. It is a very small pagoda that is erected on a granite boulder decorated with golden leaves attached by the worshippers.
31 Jan

The Day Trip Fishing on Inle Lake

Inle Lake is a fresh water Lake that is situated in the town of Nyaungshwe. It is the second largest Lake in Burma covering an area of about 44.9 square miles. The raining and the dry seasons have effects on the lake as it rises higher and overflows during the raining season but moderately low in the dry season.
29 Jan

The Great city of Bagan

Bagan is an old city that is located in the region of Mandaley of Burma also known as Myanmar. The city was the capital of the kingdom of Pagan between the ninth and thirteenth centuries. The kingdom of Pagan was the first kingdom that unified the regions which later made up the new Myanmar.
17 Jul

The important fruit of Myanmar – Juicy Mango

One of the native fruit of Asia and especially of South East Asia, Mango fruit become part of the culture of most SEA countries, Myanmar is one of them. When the rainy start in Myanmar, Mango season is not over yet, still available fruits in either green or ripe shape. Generally mangoes are sweet taste and soft texture, plus it can give many beneficial vitamins for human body needs.
17 Jun

The Grand Great Ringing Bells in Myanmar

Ringing bell is an important element of Buddhist culture and religion. Usually this type of bell is called as temple bell and dedicated for stupa and temples. As a Buddhist country there are a lots of ringing bells are situated in Myanmar and I would like to highlight for the most two famous ringing bells. Each of them is not only well-known for their size and weight but also prominent for their age and history. The two famous bells are Mingun bell and Dhammazedi bell. So let’s we find that why they are so famous.
06 Jun

Burmese Tea Shop Trend

Tea shops are an essential part in Burmese life and culture in this time. There are many tea shops in every street in Myanmar. People use these tea shops for amusing and chatting besides drinking tea with a few amount of snacks. There are always gathered customers in every tea shop dawn to twilight.

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