The Day Trip Fishing on Inle Lake

Inle Lake is a fresh water Lake that is situated in the town of Nyaungshwe. It is the second largest Lake in Burma covering an area of about 44.9 square miles. The raining and the dry seasons have effects on the lake as it rises higher and overflows during the raining season but moderately low in the dry season.

Inle Lake Resort

Although the lake cannot be described to be very large, it houses a considerable number of endemic species. There are about nine different species of fish and also about different number of species of snails that can be found in this lake which are not common anywhere in the world.

The fisher men of Inle Lake create a special site that is good for Myanmar day trips. They have a special way of rowing their boats which is common with most fishermen of the world. This special style is seen as fisherman stands on one leg at the extreme of the local boats while wrapping the second leg round the oar. One would think of the canoe capsizing but such expectations are usually disappointed. The fishermen have mastered this art from one generation to another which has made them experts and professional boat rowers.

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The reason behind this style of boat rowing which is special in Myanmar day trip is as a result of the numerous water plants and weeds that they cannot see while sitting. In other to avoid destroying these plants they stand up to row. Another reason adduced for their standing style of boat rowing is to get a better view of their surrounding and to manouver the boat in the right direction. Their free hands are used in the collection of the net when they have caught sufficient fish and emptying it. The free hands are also of good use in propelling the boat. The boats are specially made from a locally carved teak. Many tourists try out this boat for curiosity during Myanmar day trips.

The fishermen have a unique and special fishing style which they commence by hitting the water with their oars. The next is to gather their boats together while they put their net which has the shape of cone inside the water. This net which has cone shape is made with cane or bamboo with a very small net inside of it while it has an opening at the top. This fishing style is applicable to the Inthar fishermen are a sight to behold in Myanmar day trip because the water is not considerably deep.

fish man in Inle lake

The fishermen swing the cone-shaped net into the water while they press it down with their legs for proper sinking and to get enough fish. The opening at the top of the fish net is used for checking if sufficient fish has been caught and trapped in the net. When enough fish has been caught, they swing the net up and scoop them into the boat while the net is released for another round of fishing. This is repeated until the fisherman is satisfied with his catch.

Source: TNK Travel 


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