The important fruit of Myanmar – Juicy Mango

One of the native fruit of Asia and especially of South East Asia, Mango fruit become part of the culture of most SEA countries, Myanmar is one of them. When the rainy start in Myanmar, Mango season is not over yet, still available fruits in either green or ripe shape. Generally mangoes are sweet taste and soft texture, plus it can give many beneficial vitamins for human body needs.

The whole Mango tree is useful in Myanmar, fruit is edible from small bud till ripe bigger enough. Leaf perform as vegetable eaten with fish paste, and the liquid that boiled mango tree stem can reduce tooth pain by keeping a minute in the mouth.  The fruit is eaten either green or ripe in various form, some used to make juice with ripe mango, some shake with milk or made as smoothies. Green mango salad is famous as a side dish for Burmese meal. I couldn’t agree more mango is the best fruit and important for Myanmar.

Juicy Mango
Being one of the most cultivated Country in the world, you can see this juicy stone fruit Mango trees all over Myanmar while you are visiting the sites.  Burmese people love to grow mango tree at their premise, it is very rare to see mango tree downtown area of Yangon, but all outskirt area of Yangon will definitely grow mango abundantly. You can request to make a mango tour to your Myanmar travel agent, walking under the shady Mango Park will release your stress and picnic lunch under the mango trees will give you a wonderful fresh organic lunch. And you can witness how Burmese people pick a fruit from the tree.

Juicy Mango
Method of using mango in Myanmar is quite varieties: as a desert in different methods, as a gift when we visit someone, as a main donation stuff for monasteries, and even more.  There are over 400 varieties of Mango in the world and Myanmar have more than hundred different species with varieties of taste, color and shape. Here is a few name of famous Myanmar Mango – Ma Chit Su, Sine, Thone Lone Tit Htaung, Sein Ta Lone, My Kyauk, Yin Kwal, Sugar Mango, and etc. If you are on Myanmar holidays, you shouldn’t miss to try out the taste at least two or three different Mango species.

Juicy Mango
However the mango is great to have, there is a few facts we shouldn’t neglect. Being one attraction for flies and over-ripe fruit may cause you diarrhea, especially early rainy season in Myanmar from June to July.  From the train or boat, you would see the hawker who sell green mango with fish sauce or soy sauce or some with chili sauce. The smell and fruit might mouthwatering for a while. I want to give a suggestion to put some water inside the plastic pack to clean the fruit before you eat them. All ripe mango to eat can be found most corner of street by selling side-walk venders.

Juicy Mango 4

During Myanmar holidays, most visitors love to eat Mango at the evening to enjoy the fresh mango taste of Myanmar. Local guides or hotel receptionists can help you to get mango with cheaper price. With a dollar, you can get three to ten fruits depend on the specie of mango. And if when you are thinking about present to bring back your home country, Mango should be in the final list. You can put the green mango inside the plastic lunch box with some paper or foam, this will help the mango to take flight without harm. You could get mango in different shape as well – dried mango is one of the famous form and Burmese traditional mango snack, candy or mango paste also available. Don’t forget to take a mango with you when you go back home as a piece of Myanmar

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