Myanmar & its Famous Places

The most attractive sites in Myanmar:

Shwedagon Pagoda: A magnificent charming of Yangon which covered with 60 tons of pure gold. The precious Shwedagon Pagoda is always alive with his dedicated worshipers.  The divine Buddhist shrine which is one of the greatest spiritual sites in the world is situated here. The enormous golden temple amazed you most.  

Shewodagon Pagoda

Bagan: A wide area with over 2000 ancient temple which established 1000 years ago. The beautiful scenery of Bagan is dragging out 1000 years back if you travel around the dusty roads by a horse drawn cart. Most tourists are fan of seeing the Bagan by a hot air balloon ride. The scenery of Bagan is presented like a picture on the sky.


Lake Inle: It is the second biggest lake in Burma. It is very beautiful with crystal clear water and traditional handmade boats which floating everywhere on the lake. This boat made by Inthas who live and die by the lake. You can cruise over the lake by hiring a boat and see floating garden, traditional floating market, floating Phaungdawoo Pagoda and Inthas traditional floating village also.

Inle lake

Mandalay: Second largest city of Burma known as the last capital of Burmese kingdom. Mandalay established by king Mindon and had maintained as a capital city till the last king of Burma. It has a great cultural heritage. In spite of decreasing number, hundreds of traditional artists like sculptors, bronze smiths, liquor-ware artist, and tapestry artists are living by their art work in Mandalay. The famous wooden building called Golden Monastery is situated at the base of Mandalay Hills.


Nagapali Beach: A beautiful spoil free beach with fresh air and smell of the sea. Nagapali Beach is waiting for you with incredible crystal clear aquamarine water. It is one of the most comfortable beachs in South East Asia, highly recommended by experienced tourist.

Nagapali Beach

The amazing beautiful scenery which created by the traditional home and youthful greenery of the country was never beyond if you had seen for once.  Starting from the middle of year 2013, many ordinary and luxurious hotel choices are available for according to your need. You can easily ensure comfortable accommodation for your trip. The country is still in virgin state from most disadvantage of tourism impact, so that, the trees are so much green, water is crystal clear and the air is full with pure oxygen. Let’s get travel Myanmar while it’s not too late.

TNK Travel Team


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