Banga Temple Complex

Bagan is an ancient city that is located on the banks of the popular river of Irrawaddy which is found in the region of Mandalay also known as Burma. The city was once the capital of the old Pagan kingdom. Ti was the center of attraction and had reputation for its political and economic influence. A lot of temples were commissioned by the then affluent ruler who built different temples in the plains of Banga. Out of about 10,000 monasteries, pagodas and Buddhist temples that were built at that time, only about 2000 temples and Pagodas that are of Myanmar deluxe tours have survived till now.

Categories of Banga Temples

The Banga temple complexes can be categorized into two

  • The stupa style
  • The gu style

The stupa style

The stupa style temples are those that are made of solid materials and they are very strong.

Bagan in moring

This type is also referred to as pagoda. It is a big structure that is typically made with a relic chamber on the inside. They are hemispheric in shape just like an egg. This style actually evolved from the earlier Pyu designs. These designs have really brought a lot of deluxe tours to Myanmar as tourists and visitors all over the world have given it a priority to visit the region for sight-seeing. No matter the replica of these temples in the present time, the old standing ones are far better as they will picture the creativity of the ancient times.

The gu style

The gu style of temples is also known as the hollow style. It is a structure that is used for meditations, Buddhist rituals and other devotional worship of the Buddha. This style is further categorized into two: the four faces design and the one face design. The number is used to describe the entrance. The one face design has one entrance while the four faces design has four entrances. There are other types of designs such as hybrids and five faces also exist. The mere descriptions of these designs are enough to stir up tourists’ attention to the place. This also provides a form of deluxe tours to Myanmar, a special region with special architectural designs.

Bagan baloon

The Ananda Temple

The Ananda temple is a Buddhist temple that was built around 1105 AD when King Kyanzittha was is one of the temples that survived in Bagan. It is a small Pagoda with a hemispheric cover on top like an umbrella shape called hti which is typical of all pagodas in Myanmar resulting in deluxe tours. Despite the fact that it was destroyed in 1975, it has been rebuilt and consistently maintained to serve its ultimate purpose of worship and devotion to the Buddhists.

Thatbyinnyu Temple

The Thatbyinnyu Temple is a very popular temple in Banga, Myanmar that is noted for deluxe tours. It was built by king Alaungsithu around the twelveth century. It is very close to Ananda temple. The shape is like that of a cross but cannot be described as symmentrical.

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