The clear turquoise waters of Nha Trangs 6km beach are best enjoyed during the dry season, from June to early October. During heavy rains, run-off from the rivers at each end of the beach flows into the bay, gradually turning it a murky brown. Most of the year, however, the sea is just like it appears in the brochures. Even in the wettest months, rain usually falls only at night or in the morning. The best beach weather is generally before 1pm, as the afternoon sea breezes can whip up the sand.

Beach chairs are available for rent where you can sit and enjoy the drinks, light food or massages that the beach vendors offer. About the only time you’ll need to move is to use the toilet or when the tide comes up. The two most popular lounging spots are the Sailing Club and Louisiane Brewhouse. The Four Seasons Cafe opposite Nha Trang Lodge has more of a local vibe. Head a bit further south past the Evason Ana Mandara Resort and it’s still possible to find a stretch of sand to yourself.


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