Best things to do in Đồng Tháp in the Floating Season

Đồng Tháp Province is the most powerfully influenced by the floating season of the Mekong Delta. Hence, it’s easy to understand that there are plenty of marvelous travel destinations to visit in Đồng Tháp in the floating season, and an excursion there will enable you to know more about the most special things during this time. Take time to see the list of the best places mentioned here.    

Best things to do in Đồng Tháp in the Floating Season
Best things to do in Đồng Tháp in the Floating Season

Gáo Giồng Tourist Attraction 

  • Around 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City and 20 km from Cao Lãnh City, Gáo Giồng Tourist Attraction is based at Gáo Giồng Commune, Cao Lãnh District, Đồng Tháp Province.
  • The most fascinating things of Gáo Giồng in the floating season consist of being the green lung as well as the symbol of the mangrove ecosystem in Đồng Tháp Mười, and covering up to 1,670 ha, 250 ha of which are the primeval forest. Additionally, it has a diversity of flora species, such as lotus, water lily, elaeocarpus hygrophilus, reeds and papyrus plants and a 36 ha bird sanctuary. There are some species of bird listed in Vietnam’s Red Data Book. 

For a trip to explore the beauty of Gáo Giồng Tourist Attraction in the floating season, the following activities are highly recommended:

  • Taking a sip of lotus seed tea and unwinding at the quiet atmosphere.
  • Getting on a wooden boat to the bird sanctuary where you can see thousands of birds and storks nest on trees and fly in the sky.
  • Cycling along the sides of canals where locals grow a lot of bamboo trees to soak up cool breezes and the peace.
  • Seeing vast ponds full of lotus flowers in bloom.
  • Being a farmer to catch fish by bamboo traps
  • Enjoying specialties from the weekend market, such as voles roasted with salt and chillies, snakehead wrapped in a lotus leaf and burned in straw, and linh fish and stork flower hotpot   

If you don’t have much time to search for information and plan a trip to Gáo Giồng Tourist Attraction in the floating season, tour programs from some reliable operators are indeed the best choices. 

Xẻo Quýt Relic Area – the Military Base for the Viet Cong

  • About 120 km from Ho Chi Minh City and 30 km from Cao Lãnh City, Xẻ Quýt Relic Area is situated at Mỹ Hiệp Commune, Cao Lãnh District, Đồng Tháp Province.
  • Occupying 50 ha, 20 ha of which are the cajuput forest, Xẻo Quýt is home to various species of flora and fauna. There is a bird sanctuary where some of the bird species are listed in Vietnam’s Red Data Book. This area was once a military base during the wartime. As a result, it’s certainly one of the best places to see in Đồng Tháp during the floating season.  

The bird sanctuary of Xẻo Quýt Relic Area may be reached by two ways. You can take the 1.5km trail through the forest or get on a wooden boat. In the early morning or the late afternoon is when plenty of storks and birds nest on trees, so it’s totally ideal for birdwatching by that time. Keep in mind that the floating season makes flora species grow more strongly; hence breathtaking perspectives of the green forest frequently appear in front of your eyes while you are cruising on the water. 

Apart from seeing natural charms and getting closer to the wildlife, you can get to know more about the history of Vietnam. Traps, tunnels, and bases will blow your mind and bring back a significant amount of knowledge about history for you. If you love history, perhaps something at Xẻo Quýt will be extremely valuable and deserve your visit. For those who love taking photos, mini scenes, e.g. fish ponds, or lotus ponds everywhere are a perfect background.

Also it’s amazing to become a real farmer and do several farming activities at Xẻo Quýt. You take a chance to catch fish by draining ditches, using bamboo traps and special nets, and make a full meal from the caught ingredients. Thanks to those activities, you can have a different view of agriculture in Asian countries. Most traditional features in their agriculture have still remained in the Mekong Delta even though modern agricultural technologies have been applied out there. Hence, many young people from big advanced cities come to experience those delicate and valuable cultural features in the floating season

Tràm Chim National Park 

  • Around 180 km from Ho Chi Minh City, and 30 km from Cao Lãnh City, Tràm Chim National Park is located in Tam Nông District, Đồng Tháp Province.
  • Tràm Chim National Park occupies 7,000 ha and was recognized as a ramsar site of the world. This place is a reserve of the mangrove ecosystem in Đồng Tháp and the home of many fauna and flora species, e.g. cajuput and grassland, especially inhabited by countless storks and birds. Red-crowned cranes, which are extremely rare, picked this land as their home. It’s possible to say that Tràm Chim is a concentration of the most miraculous things of the floating season in the Mekong Delta.

There is more than one way to get to Tràm Chim National Park, comprising wooden boats, motorboats, and electric trams. Moreover, there are also many different itineraries to select, based on your health. However, those itineraries will take you along canals or on grassland or on lotus ponds. Occasionally, you can bump into an exciting perspective in which storks are flying, hunting, or sunbathing. Right after you arrive at the ranger station, also called the observation tower, don’t miss out on the chance to get a great view of the whole fields below. A few other activities deserving to be experienced are catching eels, catching fish by special nets, and watching birds hatch. 

Tháp Mười Lotus Farm 

  • Approximately 125 km from Ho Chi Minh City, 49 km from Cao Lãnh City, and next to DT 845 Street, Tháp Mười Lotus Farm belongs to Mỹ Hòa Commune, Tháp Mười District, Đồng Tháp Province. 
  • Gifted the fresh and cool air, unspoiled landscapes, and a lot of lotus flowers, especially in summer, the farm has been a hot travel destination for young people in recent years. 
  • A wooden boat will row you to Tháp Mười Lotus Farm from the entrance. Then, you have a leisure walk along trails made from cajuput trunks, and take photos of wide lotus ponds. After this activity, it’s great to savor tangy special food. Lying on a hammock to perceive the tantalizing aroma of lotus flowers is also a memorable experience.  

You have probably ever heard about lotus, allegedly the national flower of Vietnam. For Vietnamese people, no flower species is more charming than the lotus. The flower represents spiritual purity, elegance, and strength by which it has been chosen as the symbol of the strong spirit and patriotism of Vietnamese people, and national heroes in the past, and even it’s labeled as the Vietnamese identity. As a consequence, Tháp Mười Lotus Farm is always among top destinations of domestic visitors; they seek lotus ponds to get a sense of the beauty in the spirit of their heroes fighting for the country’s independence during the wartime. Those people always knew how to overcome difficulties and lived for their ideals.

Sa Đéc Flower Village 

Sa Đéc Flower Village is situated at Tân Quy Đông Commune, Sa Đéc City, Đồng Tháp Province.

Normally, for a trip to Đồng Tháp in the floating season, travelers never think of any flower village because they suppose that it is not an ideal time for seeing flowers. However, it’s not right at all. Sa Đéc Flower Village in Đồng Tháp is always full of flowers all year round. The village emerges as a colorful picture drawing any visitor; there is a variety of flowers standing out in the land. An interesting point about the trip to Sa Đéc Flower Village is that you will be taken along flower beds to observe the striking scenery by boat since flowers are grown above the water surface. 

Perhaps, the floating season makes flowers grow better; it brings water for the flower village and keeps the flowers in bloom all year long. That’s why Sa Đéc Flower Village is called the place of four springs. Then, if you have an opportunity to pay a visit to Đồng Tháp, don’t forget to drop by the village and immerse yourself into vast flower gardens there. 

Đồng Tháp Province, the Mekong Delta is a concentration of exquisite things, ranging from culture, history to scenery and people. Accordingly, there are many rewarding destinations you should put in your itinerary to explore this land in the floating season. It’s believed that the floating season will illuminate all hidden charms of the land and you can witness the most fabulous ones when making the trip to Đồng Tháp by that time. Hope the recommendations listed here are excellent enough for you to select from, and the details here can help plan a perfect holiday as well as give you great experiences you are expecting from Asian countries, especially the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. 


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