An Binh Islet – Where to Visit in Vinh Long Province

An Binh Islet is among places to visit in Vinh Long since it’s non-touristy. Similar to other regions in the Mekong Delta, you will be overwhelmed by lush orchards and experiences of leisurely cruising on the river, but there are also many other exciting things waiting to be disclosed. Let’s see!

A sightseeing trip of the An Binh islet

Where is An Binh Islet?

An Binh Islet is referred to as a remote destination of the Mekong Delta and situated between the Tieng river and the Co Chien river. The islet is opposite Vinh Long City and has the area of 60 square kilometers. It consists of four communes: Binh Hoa Phuoc, An Binh, Dong Phu and Hoa Ninh. An Binh Islet is renowned for lush orchards.

People who ever know well about the Mekong Delta suppose that An Binh Islet is quite the same to other regions of this wet area. However, it’s true that there is more than one exciting thing to explore An Binh Islet, and surely a visit there deserves your time and money.

How to get to An Binh Islet from Ho Chi Minh City

First, you catch a bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Hoa Khanh, Tien Giang. The bus ticket may be bought at Mien Tay Bus Station – 395 Kinh Duong Vuong Street, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District.

Upon arrival in Tien Giang, you will take a taxi or catch a coach to the An Binh ferry, and then cross the river to An Binh Islet.

Where to stay in An Binh Islet

It’s known that An Binh Islet is full of fascinating features to be uncovered; hence, you may spend more than one day to stay there. Then, accommodation is one of your concerns for a trip to the islet. Homestay is indeed a perfect choice when it comes to an overnight stay in this Delta area as it’s not only affordable, but also suitable for a countryside vista.

A corner in An Binh Islet

A recommendation is Happy Family Guesthouse or Homestay Thuy An, located to the north of An Binh Islet and next to the river, overlooking Dong Phu Islet. Homestay Thuy An is prominently a special mix of the Occidental style and the Mekong Delta style. The river with green water hyacinth on water offers a charming backdrop for your stay in the homestay. Many rooms have river views are always the bestseller, and what enhances your experience may be rural elements, such as furniture, leaf walls, the sound of insects at night.

What to do in An Binh Islet

Visiting Cai Cuong Ancient House

Cai Cuong Ancient House in An Binh Islet

Apart from savoring fruits at orchards, leisurely cruising on the river, you can make a stop for visiting Ca Cuong Ancient House, designated as a national historical relic site. Constructed in 1885, the ancient house is in a mix of Vietnamese and French architectural styles. Although this destination is not too popular among the community of travel gurus, many French people know it well. The hosts are always happy to welcome all visitors, and they also enable you to take photos and stay overnight if you wish.

Enjoying edible snails at the middle of a garden

This is exactly what you must try when you have a trip to An Binh Islet. There is nothing more than tasting hot edible snails boiled with pepper right in the lush garden. Vinh Sang Eco-tourism Area is supposed to be an ideal place where you savor not only the dish of snails, but also other specialties, such as fermented fish hotpot, grilled paddy rat, and paddy crab hotpot.

Draining ditches for fish as a farmer

You will take a chance to become a farmer and do some farming activities. Draining ditches for fish is one of those activities. Just wear as if you are a farmer, jump down into muddy ditches, and catch fish by fishing baskets. It’s worth having a day full of such fascinating experience.

Having a boat ride to Tan Phong Islet

It’s possible to say that a boat ride to Tan Phong Islet offers you comfortable moments on the river. While leisurely cruising to the islet, you can witness the serene vista in which locals are earning a living and lush orchards at two banks of the river.

Prices for activities in An Binh Islet

Lush orchards in An Binh Islet

Homestay: VND290,000/night

Bus to Vinh Long Province: VND460,000/round trip

The An Binh ferry fare: VND8,000/round trip

Boat trip: VND300,000/adult

Entrance fee to an orchard: VND100,000/visit

Rental motorbike: VND150,000/day


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