Can Tho Night Market – What to discover in the Mekong Delta

The night market of Can Tho will be one of the attractive spots for your Mekong Delta trip to Can Tho. How many things to experience and explore when you pay a visit to the market? Many experienced travelers often share their opinion that going to uncover the inside of a market means you can gain a more understand of that land. Hence, it’s time to know be exciting things of the Can Tho night market before your trip.

Address and Opening hours

Address: Can Tho Night Market, Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City

Opening hours: 5:00PM to 11:00PM

Can Tho Night Market – one of the attractive spots for your Mekong Delta trip.

When to visit the Can Tho night market?

The Can Tho night market is centrally situated in the heart of the city of Can Tho, so to know when to visit this market, you just take a look at the best time to go to the city in Can Tho Travel Guide.

It’s known that the city of Can Tho can be visited all year round, but to avoid sticky and humid days, the dry season of Vietnam, from November to April will be recommended. Keep in mind that you will feel quite uncomfortable while walking along dirty and sticky pathways in the market.

How to get to Can Tho night market?

Before you hit the Can Tho night market, what you must do first is to arrive in the city center of Can Tho. It’s easy to arrive in Can Tho City as there is more than one means of transport, such as bus, plane, private car, or motorbike. If you’re staying in Ho Chi Minh City, just depart from Tan Son Nhat Airport for Can Tho Airport. For those who prefer bus, there are plenty of bus lines to Can Tho at Mien Tay Bus Station – 395 Kinh Duong Vuong Street, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District. Motorbike is also an alternative if you’re concerned with an adventurous trip on two wheels.

Upon arrival, just search for directions to the Can Tho Night Market nearby

Once you land in Can Tho City, just search for directions to the Can Tho Night Market nearby. The market is just ten minutes’ walk from the city center. You can ask locals, and they will show you to this spot.

Exploring the Can Tho night market

Now it’s time to see what is inside the Can Tho night market, what appeal to many visitors, and rewarding experiences as well. It will be a list of what surprise you so much.

Feeling excited about the names of the Can Tho night market

The Can Tho night market is also called other fascinating names, such as the market of Luc Tinh, the market of Hang Duong, and the market of Can Tho.

The name of Luc Tinh means six provinces of Cochinchina in the French colonial era. The market was called like this when it was established in 1915. Many years later, the market was not high-octane anymore and its name was changed into the market of Hang Duong.

In 2005, the market fell in an extremely bad condition, and was invested to have refurbishments by the local authority. Currently, the market turns to be 100 years-old.

Since the city of Can Tho started to develop its tourism, it has become the crucial economic center of the Mekong Delta. By that time, its name was changed into the Can Tho night market. It attracts plenty of visitors from many different places through the country.

Unwinding next to the Hau river

One of the most attractive things while you explore the Can Tho night market is the Hau river nearby. Here is a calm river seemingly embellishing the city’s charm. It’s possible to state that the river especially at night will bring people peace and relaxation in their mind. That’s why the residents really love walking along the river when the dark covers the city’s sky.

Savoring street food at the night market

Street food at the Can Tho night market

The Can Tho night market is more and more bustling and full of colorful & eye-catching food stalls. It’s night to enjoy dozens of luscious eats, such as sweet soups, smoothies, cakes, different kinds of noodle soup, rice paper salad, etc. Just with several bucks, you can feast on a wide selection at the market. That’s why it is the gathering place for groups of friends with the coming of night.

Shopping for souvenirs

Not only is the Can Tho night market the street food paradise, but it is also the place where you can find out exquisite souvenirs with ravishingly beautiful details. Nevertheless, not similar to street food, the souvenirs at the market can’t be bought just with some bucks in your hands. A hint is that you should ask about the price and bargain before getting the items. Perhaps, many of the items will draw your attention at the first time you see them, but you ought to roam around before deciding whether to buy or not.

Strolling in the Ninh Kieu pier

The Ninh Kieu pier is definitely one of the must-visit places for a trip to Can Tho and especially a visit to the Can Tho night market. The Ninh Kieu pier is not a pulsating venue to entertain anyone with games or recreational activities, but it brings you a wonderful ambiance to unwind and kick back. The light breeze gently flows through your hair and ears, making you nicer and comfier in the stroll. It’s possible to say that the pier has a charming outer appearance easily convincing lots of visitors.

Tips for a visit to the Can Tho night market

A colorful prospect at the Can Tho night market
  • The Can Tho night market is about 1 kilometer from the city center, so you can go there on foot if your hotel is centrally located.
  • Taxi may be an alternative in the case that you don’t want to go on foot to the market.
  • Some destinations nearby that should be considered before you visit the market are the Ninh Kieu walking bridge and the Ninh Kieu pier.
  • Just with some bucks – approximately USD5, you can please your stomach with plenty of street food at the market.
  • Bargain before deciding whether to buy souvenirs or not is a rule of thumb
  • If you don’t intend to buy anything, roaming about to see a hustling prospect full of colorful and eye-catching items is a good idea and never lets you down.
  • After 11:00PM, streets of the city center of Can Tho are not crowded anymore and sometimes dangerous if you go alone. It’s better to come back to your accommodation before that time.


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