Chau Doc Floating Village – Where to Visit in An Giang

An Giang Province of the Mekong Delta is blessed with many excellent destinations to explore, and one of them is Chau Doc Floating Village – a village where people raise fish to earn their livings. Generally speaking, there is nothing too special to talk about this village, for those who prefer something irrepressible and full of enjoyment. Having said that, others who are interested in delving deep into insights of a new land in terms of history chapters, cultural characteristics, and locals’ typical traits, it’s actually what they desire to visit.

Where is Chau Doc Floating Village?

Situated 3 kilometers to the west of the city center of Chau Doc, the floating village was established in the 1960s and where to raise fresh fish. At the beginning, there were a few floating platforms for raising fish. From the 1970s until 2005, the number of floating platforms had grown more and more increasingly and been the fundamental point in the An Giang’s economy. The most remarkable time of the village was from 1990 to 2005; the yield of fish was about 20,000 tons per year by that time. Nevertheless, the climate change and water pollution on the Mekong River has badly affected the raising of fish in the village and the yield has been poorer and poorer. That’s why the village is no longer full of floating platforms.

Chau Doc Floating Village where the locals raise fish to earn their livings

Anyway, a visit to Chau Doc Floating Village still lets you learn about the history of this area, see how the locals raise fish, and know about their peaceful daily life. Compared to other destinations in the Mekong Delta, it’s possible do say that Chau Doc Floating Market is not in the top list, to be honest. Yet what the trip to this spot brings for you is a new outlook on the life of a remote area of Vietnam, and an understanding of the growth at a steady pace.

How to get to Chau Doc Floating Village from Ho Chi Minh City

First, you must take a bus to the center of Chau Doc from Ho Chi Minh City. It’s easy to do that since you can find many bus lines at Mien Tay Bust Station – 395 Kinh Duong Vuong Street, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District. After the bus arrives in Chau Doc, procced toward Chau Giang Pier and ask someone to have a shared boat. The rent for this boat varies according to the number of people on it. Don’t get worried about the rent since it’s quite cheap.

An alternative way is that you can ask the receptionist if you are staying at your hotel in Chau Doc and they will help rent the boat for you. Perhaps, the price is higher than the case in which you directly rent the boat, but there is no worry about arrangement.

Chau Doc Floating Village – a land of peace

Considered as the most convenient way to take a trip to Chau Doc Floating Village is to buy a tour from some travel company in Ho Chi Minh City; all what you need to do is to come to their office and follow their guide. Normally, a tour to Chau Doc Floating Village includes more exciting destinations nearby and available services; you are no in need of spending too much time arranging a plan, so it’s possible to say that there are more benefits to choose the tour, compared to other ways.

What’s interesting in Chau Doc Floating Village

Overall, if you love something too high-octane, Chau Doc Floating Village is not for you. This destination is just excellent for those who would like to explore distinctive characteristics in the culture, history and people of lands they set foot in. The floating village now is home to not many floating houses as well as floating platforms where the locals raise fish, but in the past it used to be the pride of An Giang Province.

Getting to know the process of raising fish

The boat you rent will take you to a specific floating house where a local tells you about the process of raising fish under the house, ranging from how to feed them to how to check their health and how to know their weights at each stage. It’s also a chance to get an experience of feeding fish from the house.

Chau Doc Floating Village at sunrise

The locals are very friendly and really love telling guests like you stories about their work. They would like to share ups and downs in their life and reasons why they determine to associate their lives with this work. Perhaps, a few of their stories leave strong impressions in your mind.

Visiting Cham Village nearby

The Cham Village with unique cultures is also one of the must-visit for a trip to Chau Doc Floating Village. This is the habitat of the Cham community who were Muslims and originally came from Java Island, Indonesia many years ago. Weaving is what they have been doing for decades. Their products may be meaningful souvenirs for your trip. The life on stilts is also a typical image of this land. Don’t forget a visit to their mosques since the buildings are design in exquisite styles which easily catch your eyes.

What to eat in Chau Doc Floating Village

While you moving on the river to Chau Doc Floating Village, it’s difficult to find out any food stall along the way. However, right in Chau Doc before getting on the boat, let’s come to enjoy specialties at one of the following eateries:

Dong Que Restaurant – Trung Nu Vuong Street

Cuu Long Food Stall – opposite Victoria Hotel in Chau Doc

Phu Huong Beef Noodle Restaurant – 78 Nguyen Van Thoai Street – Tel: 3869 109

88 Food Stall – 88 Doc Phu Thu Street – Tel: 3866 843

Bay Bong Food Stall – 22 Thuong Dang Le Street – Tel: 867 271

Hong Phat Food Stall: 77 Chi Lang Street – Tel: 866 950

Truong Van Food Stall – 15 Quang Trung Street – Tel: 564 201

Lam Hung Ky Restaurant – 77 Chi Lang Street – Tel: 866 754

Hang Chau Food Stall – Trung Nu Vuong Street – Tel: 562 666

Luu Luyen Food Stall – Trung Nu Vuong Street – Tel: 868 511

Hoa Vien Phuong Nam Restaurant – Trung Nu Vuong Street – Tel: 562 707

Ben Da Nui Sam Restaurant – National Route 91 – Tel: 861 745

Nui Sam Hotel Restaurant – Vi Dong I Hamlet, Vinh Te Commune – Tel: 861 777

Long Chau Restaurant – Chau Phu A Ward – Tel: 861 249

Hoang Anh Restaurant – Ward B – Tel: 563 003

Some tips for a trip to Chau Doc Floating Village

  • Using life jackets is a must when you travel by boat.
  • Because the common means of transport is boat, it’s highly recommended to avoid high heels.
  • The best time to visit Chau Doc Floating Village is from August to November.
  • The Cham village in Chau Giang and Chau Phong should be included in the itinerary to this floating village.
  • You should always be careful while moving through small bridges connecting stilted houses together.
  • Some souvenirs sold at some small stalls may be a good idea as gifts for your friends and family.
  • Insect repellents should be brought with you if you go in rainy days.



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