Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area in Dong Thap

Dong Thap Province with many things to uncover has become a hotspot of the Mekong Delta. Gao Giong – an eco-tourism area is surely a big contribution to this achievement of Dong Thap. Let’s see what to experience in Gao Giong.

What to know first about Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area?

Gao Giong Eco-tourism area is situated at Hamlet 6, Gao Giong Commune, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province. It’s just 18 kilometers to the north of the city center of Cao Lanh.

Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area – The main entrance

Gao Giong was different from itself 40 years ago. By that time, it’s just the acidic soil, which was too hard to be reclaimed. Nevertheless, after lots of efforts of the local authority, Gao Giong nowadays has a totally new and beautiful outer appearance.

How to get to Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area from Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City, arrive at Mien Tay Bus Station to take a bus to Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province. It’s not difficult to do that as there is more than one bus line with the same route to your destination. From Cao Lanh City, you will travel to Tan Nghia Commune. Continue going straight to Gao Giong Commune. There is an instruction sign at the intersection of Gao Giong Commune. From here, just go about 3 kilometers to Gao Giong. Keep in mind that the way to your destination is compact as it’s just enough for a 4-seater van.

If you are the one who always puts convenience in priority, a tour to Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area can help. You just come to some travel agent or tour operator in Ho Chi Minh City and ask about such a tour.

Things to do in Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area

Bird sanctuary

Bird Sanctuary – Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area in Dong Thap

The bird sanctuary is the habitat of more than 200 bird species, and some of them are listed in the Vietnam’s Red Data Book. It’s sure that you will encounter the most enchanting vista in which there are up to thousands of birds flying in the sky at the same time. Nothing is compared to this natural image, for certain. By that time, you probably have an idea that you’re indeed the lucky guy who can admire such splendor of the wildlife.

Getting a great view of Gao Giong from a 18-meter tower

Another activity to do for a visit to Gao Giong is to peer down at the land from a 18-meter tower. It’s amazing as you can observe a magnificent picture of the wildlife from a certain altitude. There is a complex network of channels and canals running through the Gao Giong area, seemingly drawing unique lines on the picture. The tranquility and calmness will help relax yourself and let your mind dip into a comfortable state.

Traditional folk games

It’s possible to assert that the life and culture of the people in the Mekong Delta are recalled through traditional folk games in Gao Giong. For those who prefer quietness, fishing is what they don’t want to ignore. However, if you want something more enjoyable and dynamic, just try catching fish by net or draining ditches for fish.

A sightseeing trip of Gao Giong by boat

A boat sightseeing trip of Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area

It’s exactly a wooden sampan rowing you along narrow waterways to deep penetrate into the wildlife. This boat trip will put you in the comfy condition, and entitle your mind free from worries and tiredness of your normal life. There is just one thing left during the trip; it’s freedom. You may be free to get closer to species of fauna and flora in the wildlife bird sanctuary.

Cuisines to enjoy in Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area

The eco-tourism area of Gao Giong is divided into four big zones and home to countless bird and fish species. More excitingly, this land is well-known as the biggest provider of fresh fish in Dong Thap Province. The fish yield is up to 30 tons every year – an impressive number; then, there is no doubt that you can find lots of delicious dishes concocted from fish when having a trip to Gao Giong.

Smoked snakehead wrapped in young lotus leaves  

Smoked snakehead wrapped in young lotus leaves

This specialty is quite famous in Gao Giong and seems become an indispensable part in the local cuisine. Lotus is an iconic image of Dong Thap, and it is probably deemed the catalyst to enhance the taste of smoked snakehead. Instead of using rice paper to wrap smoked snakehead and vegetables as you can find in other regions of Vietnam, young lotus leaves are believed as a perfect alternative. This mix soaked in a tamarind fish sauce will help stimulate your taste.

Sweet and sour soup with cork flowers and linh fish

Not only is this soup popular in Gao Giong, but it is also found in many places of the Mekong Delta. Keep in mind that you only give it a try when traveling to this water area from the 7th – 9th lunar months of year. Linh fish is tiny and has tender bones, so it’s easily concocted and eaten. The slightly sweet and bitter cork flowers is very good for health. All features of those ingredients make up a luscious and valuable delicacy.

Grilled snake

Perhaps, a non-Asian guy will have to yell out when witnessing long and winding snakes set on a plate. But you don’t know how awesome the dish in Gao Giong is. The people in this water land are familiar with such a dish, and it seems to have become a cultural characteristic in their life. Just have a go at the grilled snake if you are staying there.

Steamed red cargo rice cooked in lotus leaves

Just with VND18,000 – VND20,000, you can get a set of steamed red cargo rice cooked in lotus leaves. The rice is totally wonderful in taste and texture as its characteristics are changed and become more special when put in the lotus leaves. There is no reason to place it out of your list of must try things in Gao Giong.

A variety of vegetables and herbs enjoyed with fish sauce

It can’t be denied that eating many greens is always good for health, but often not many people love that type of food. A trip to Gao Giong gives you a new way to enjoy it. It’s fantastic to savor it with a special kind of fish sauce. Don’t miss it out!

Where to stay in Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area

  • Tram Chim Homestay

Address: Tram Chim Town, Tam Nong District, Dong Thap Province

Price from USD8/night

  • Hai Lua Homestay

Address: Hamlet 4, Tan Kieu Commune, Tan Kieu District, Dong Thap Province

Price from USD5 /night

  • Huynh Duc Hotel

Address: No.1 Ngo Thoi Nham Street, Ward 1, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province

Price from USD10/night

  • Lan Thai Ngoc Hotel

Address: No.8 Duong Van Hoa Street, Ward 1, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province

Price from USD9/night

  • Huong Sen Hotel

Address: No.18, Vo Truong Toan Street, Ward 1, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province

Price from 26USD/night

Tips on a trip to Gao Giong Eco-tourism Area

  • The entrance fee is only VND10,000/pax.
  • There is a variety of activities to experience in the Gao Giong Eco-tourism area, and you should take a glance at prices before purchasing any tickets
  • Light pack is recommended as you can have a 6-8 hour visit to the area.
  • It’s better to eat at the traditional market of Gao Giong




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