Get lost in top 6 striking flower fields in Vietnam

Thirty for somewhere to contemplate the natural beauty, relax and enjoy fresh air during your Vietnam trip? Then, what do you think about flower fields in Vietnam? They will never disappoint you at any cost!

1. Buckwheat Fields in Ha Giang

Flower fields in Vietnam: Buckwheat Fields in Ha Giang
Buckwheat Fields in Ha Giang

Every year at the end of September to December, buckwheat is in blossom and covers many mountainous areas of Ha Giang, making stunning fields of flowers anyone cannot resist. This kind of flowers is white in bud, and gradually gets pink. It is exactly the best time for visitors to witness the majesty of the beauty over the buckwheat fields. Although buckwheat is found in Lao Cai and Cao Bang, it is the most beautiful in Ha Giang. It is awesome to contemplate a natural picture in which pick of fragile buckwheat is harmoniously put in green of hills and mountains; interestingly, the picture is more impressive when dotted with children in colorful dress playing traditional games.

2. White Mustard Fields and Plum Fields in Moc Chau – Son La Province

White Mustard Fields
White Mustard Fields

In mid-April, Moc Chau is covered with white of mustard and plum flowers. Not looking elegant like many other kinds of flower, mustard has rustic charms, but it is appealing enough to win hearts of visitors here. The wonderful scent of mustard will make you feel peaceful while it spreads in the breeze. Meanwhile, plum flowers seem to create a poetic natural picture of floating clouds in the sky. Plum in blossom signals a new year coming soon. It is amazing to immerse ourselves in this atmosphere.

3. Lavender Fields in Dalat

Lavender Fields in Dalat
Lavender Fields in Dalat

Dalat is labeled as a city of flowers because it is home to a wide diversity of flowers, including lavender. Thanks to the cool climate and fresh air, lavender grows well here. With the color of purple and comfortable aroma, lavender is considered as the flower of love implying faith and fondness. Try imagining how fantastic it is if you peer into a field full of purple lavender flowers! Do not skip this perspective when you come to Dalat.

4. Tree Marigold Fields in Dalat

Tree Marigold Fields in Dalat
Tree Marigold Fields in Dalat

Tree marigold is a kind of wild flower with the fragile charm. When making a visit to Dalat, you will realize that it is easily found along many roads there. To be honest, this scenery may make teenagers loving romantic stories crazy right after they witness it. Tree marigold is similar to sunflower, but it is quite mall. The flowers in bloom mean that the rainy season has gone by. The best time to gaze into its beauty is the early morning when the fog is still thick. It is difficult to resist this stunning landscape, so more and more travelers come to Dalat for the fields of tree marigold.

5. Sunflower Fields in Nghe An

Sunflower Fields in Nghe An
Sunflower Fields in Nghe An

Sunflower fields with the natural charm have become one of the ideal spots of those who are fond of travel. Setting foot here, you will rapidly be attracted to an endless stretch of yellow flowers; it looks more enchanting under the sunlight. Sunflower is a symbol of strength and trust, so it is good to witness it when you are looking for new hopes. Excitingly, the sunflower fields are actually perfect backgrounds for taking photos; that is the reason why lots of couples come to Nge An and save their sweet memories here.

6. Yellow Mustard Fields  in Hanoi

Yellow Mustard Fields  in Hanoi
Yellow Mustard Fields in Hanoi

From October to December in the lunar calendar, yellow mustard is in blossom. There is a vast field of mustard flowers not far from the heart of downtown Hanoi; it is supposed to be a good place for taking photos.  The field is not only beautiful because of bright yellow flowers, but also a peaceful land with the fresh air whereby you can escape from the urban hustle and bustle once you set foot here.


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